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Festivals & Events in Frankfurt am Main

Museum Embankment Festival

Frankfurt am Main

Um festival imperdível

O Festival do Museu em ‪‎Frankfurt‬ (Museum Embankment Festival) é uma festa gigante ao ar livre com cultura, arte, música, lazer e muuuita gastronomia de diversos países do mundo (difícil escolher o que comer com tantas opções incríveis). O maior festival desse estilo na Europa. Além dos eventos especiais nos museus, a grande atração são as infinitas barracas de alimentação e bebidas e a iluminação nas margens do rio Meno (Main). Simplesmente, maravilhoso e para todas as idades.


The best festival in town

If you ask a Frankfurter which is the best festival in Frankfurt he will immediately say: “Museumsuferfest”(Museums Embankment Festival). It's not only one of the biggest cultural festivals in Europe it's also the one with the probably most beautiful location. Most of the many museums in Frankfurt are located on the left and right bank of the river Main, if you look from above it almost looks like a necklace with perls on both sides. Once a year Frankfurt celebrates its museums with a unique festival combining art, culture, music and gastronomy from around the globe. The museums are open till late night and offer many special guided tours and events. Next to the museums and the river you'll find many booths with food, music and souvenirs from all around the world. With 3 millions visitors each year the Museumsuferfest is definitely a mustsee when visiting Frankfurt. It ends with a huge firework on Sunday night. The next Museumsuferfest will be held from August 29th to 31st 2014.


Frankfurt am Main

Concerts deluxe

The "Batschkapp" really is an institution in Frankfurt!

Here you can enjoy great concerts out of almost any music genre. Ranging from hip hop and black beats through electronic music up to alternative and metal - there really is no style of music you will miss. :)

This is one place you have to have been in your lifetime!

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Frankfurt Book Fair

Frankfurt am Main

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    jose es todo muy bonito
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