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Festivals & Events in Cologne

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14. December 2014 by Hailyu Zhang
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Hotel windsor cologne


be careful of thieves in HBF

Uber Alles!刚一抵达酒店,就碰到一个刚在科隆火车站被抢走护照、钱包和电脑的武汉大学姑娘,听说阿尔巴尼亚小偷要回家过年了,守在大教堂那等收成。很遗憾的是,国人显然是最大粮仓。提请各位逛街者注意。Arriving hotel, met a Chinese girl student who was just stolen all(passport,wallet notepad and iPad) on HBF, local told me, those east European thieves also need 'earn' some money for backing home for Christmas, so waiting in HBF and outside of Dom, for tourists. unfortunately, they know Chinese like bring cashes.



Get Into the Holiday Spirit in Cologne

One of the best ways to get into the holiday spirit is by visiting one or more of the many Christmas markets. Weihnachtsmarkt in Germany will have you feeling fuzzy all over as soon as you step foot through the market archway. You can find everything from vendors selling local handy crafts to delicious German cuisine. Everywhere you look, people are smiling and laughing which only adds more positive energy to the overall happy atmosphere. No trip to the market is complete without a glass of hot wine, also known as "Glühwein," so be sure to give it a try!

Hans-Böckler Platz


Cologne Music Festival

Em agosto, acontece o Cologne Music Festival - um festival com uma pegada pop e eletrônica. Durante quatro dia, o festival toma conta de diversos pontos da cidade. Muitos, com entrada gratuita, reunindo uma galera descolada. Nas ruas já é possível sentir o clima do festival. Esta foto é da área de Hans-Böckler Platz no bairro Belga no dia 23/08 (sábado). A praça estava toda iluminada e no local fechado era quase impossível entrar tamanho o número de pessoas que foram lá dançar e conferir o show de música e luzes. Saiba mais em


Las luces de Colonia. Mañana, 19 de julio en nuestro metrópoli del Rin. #youth #Cologne #FestivalsEvents #mustsees


Július 19-én Köln ismét világít! Gyere te is és gyönyörködj a kölni tüzijáték fesztiválban! #youth #Cologne #FestivalsEvents #mustsees

Fotó © DZT


Le grand festival d'été à Cologne, Kölner Lichter le 19 juillet !
#youth #Cologne #FestivalsEvents #mustsees

Christmas Markets in Cologne

A White Christmas in Cologne

My notions of winter in Europe have been shaped by Hollywood movies. I expected to watch snowflakes romantically descend upon short winter days, and the cosy glow of Christmas trees in makeshift homes (think boutique hotels) to keep me warm. What surprised me on my December trip to Germany was the camaraderie and sheer revelry at the country’s famous Christmas markets, compelling enough to brave the single digit temperatures and rejoice over a white winter!

If the thought of Europe evokes images of quaint old churches in juxtaposition with hi-tech buildings, and old towns with cobbled streets and artistic cafes, a winter trip to Cologne only romanticizes those images further. Come December, chirpy little Christmas Markets pop up among the city’s most charming neighborhoods, and become the go-to place for the city’s locals. Colorful booths line the streets, selling traditional German and Christmas gifts, like the famous Räuchermännchen, a wooden toy that is an incense smoker in disguise. Food stalls serve up hash browns, frankfurters, crepes, and local delicacies. People gather around drinking glühwein, the famous mulled wine of Europe warmed with spices, chatting, warming up over some neighborhood gossip. Christmas music plays everywhere, and the night rings with the clinking of cups and prost. Such revelry!

At the Christmas Market on the Alter Markt in Cologne, local craftsmen and women demonstrate their talents with wood crafts, crystal painting and glass glazing; it is fascinating to observe the precision and pride that goes behind each little piece of work, and meet men and women who have come to these markets since they were little boys and girls. But the icing on the cake in a festive Cologne is its main market, which glitters in the dramatic backdrop of the city’s oldest and most charming cathedral; truly a European Christmas!


Kölle Alaaf - November 11! The beginning of #Cologne Carnival is almost here. So there is still time to think about the perfect costume. What was your latest Halloween or Carnival character? #youth #festivalsevents

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