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Festivals & Events in Munich

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Youth HotSpot
28. November 2013 by Elin Klang
Tag(s): Festivals & Events Munich



Res med oss till München

Alice och min resa till München!

Det är ju alltid lika svårt att hitta bra ställen i en ny stad. Följ med på vår resa till München så har du några tips på ställen ni kan gå. Vi hjälper er hitta runt i denna mysiga stad!
Följ med oss till restaurangen Ayinger som både gör sin egen öl och har den absolut härligaste personalen vi varit med om, se hotellet Achterbahn vi bodde på med den något speciella inredning och häng med oss på shopping runt om Kaufingerstraße!

Mer go musik från The Freak Fandango Orchestra som gjort vår introlåt hittar ni på


Musica dal vivo, spettacoli, cabaret, performance artistiche al Festival Tollwood a Monaco dal 26 novembre al 31 dicembre (tranne il 24 e 25.12) e l’ultimo dell’anno il party di San Silvestro
#youth #munich #festivalsevents

Foto: Festival Tollwood © Bernd Wackerbauer


The time has come and today the 180th Oktoberfest in #Munich will open its party tents for more than one million expected visitors. Join the “Wiesn” and try the delicious German wheat beer, September 21 – October 6. #youth #mustsees #festivalsevents


How do Munich’s locals call the world’s biggest beer festival “Oktoberfest”?
#youth #festivalsevents #munich

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Youth HotSpot
07. September 2013 by Julius Mbughuni
Tag(s): Festivals & Events Munich

Munich TV tower


Festivals & Events



International musicians, exciting theater productions and culinary delights from around the world – all this waits for you to be explored at #Tollwood Festival in #Munich, running through July 21, 2013. #youth #festivalsevents

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    GAMAL ELSHAREEF #youthcompetition
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Better or Wurst
06. December 2013 by Lindsay Pond
Tag(s): Festivals & Events Munich

Volkstümliche Musik Competition

A Bavarian Battle of the Bands

Some people march to the beat of their own drum; Bavarians march to the sound of their own Oompah bands. There is just something about the combination dirndls, lederhosen, and music that makes it hard to resist a smile (and a good time). Regardless of what clothes are ruling the catwalks in Paris or what songs are topping the charts, Bavaria maintains a style and culture all its own. Nowhere is this more evident than in Munich’s biergartens.

During my first night in Munich, it was the sound of tubas and clarinets that diverted me from heading straight to Marianplatz…to a Volkstümliche Musik competition held in a biergarten full to the brim. Chatting with the members of three Oompah bands, I got a bit of Bavarian Culture 101.

First off, they take their music seriously, and it’s not something from a bygone era; it’s a jamfest. The Oompah band competition is meant to be a good time for everyone and provide Gemütlichkeit (that untranslatable cozy, boozy, cheerful feeling) for listeners and musicians alike. In fact, one of the most recognizable Bavarian tunes (Ein Prosit) is actually intended as a break so that the musicians can have a drink, too. On top of that, most of the musicians at this event were under twenty-five, which in my opinion, makes it more like a modern Battle of the Bands than anything else.

Second, the Bavarian wardrobe is no laughing matter either. Whereas a dirndl might strike a foreigner as a novelty for a party, it’s a serious outfit for them. A trumpet player named Monica told me she owned not one, but four more dirndls back at home in her village. I’ve not so secretly always wanted a dirndl, but Monica seemed surprised when I balked at the typical price.

“Is that a lot? 100€?” she said. When I thought about it, it’s actually a reasonable price for something you could wear on the weekends; however, I don’t know if the look would fly back home.

Additionally, Bavaria has its own slang…well, it’s actually it’s own language, which can be useful if you want to tell someone you love them (I mog di, not Ich liebe Dich) or if you just want to say good bye (pfiat' di, instead of auf Wiedersehen).

On a final note, Bavarian culture has got a certain amount of “you’ve just got to try it,” which can’t be summed by feathered hats or regional dialects. Try it for yourself and until then, pfiat’ eich!


If you’d like to sneak a peek of the world’s best extreme sports athletes, visit the X Games in Munich, taking place from the 27th to the 30th June.
#youth #festivalsevents #munich

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