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Festivals & Events in Germany

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22. October 2015 by germanytourism
Tag(s): Festivals & Events

#joingermantradition by trying Aachener Printen. #youth all over the world love German Christmas pastries. Since 1820 everybody can enjoy this wonderful taste special on the #festivalsevents like the german Christmas markets #germanytourism

Königsallee in Düsseldorf

Recordando el Carnaval de Düsseldorf

A falta de 4 meses para un nuevo Carnaval, me encuentro mirando fotos y recordando mi experiencia allí este año. Düsseldorf es una ciudad que se vuelca con esta fiesta pagana. A pesar de que los alemanes no tienen, precisamente, fama de grandes fiesteros, tengo que reconocer que este Carnaval de Düsseldorf me dejó completamente sorprendido.

Toda la ciudad se entrega a la fiesta y las calles son un escaparate de disfraces y carrozas sin igual. La céntrica calle Königsallee concentra la mayor parte de los eventos y es el lugar donde se debe estar estos días. El resto del año es uno de los bulevares de compras más caros y exclusivos de toda Europa.

Espero regresar el próximo año!

Da non perdere a Mainau

Isola di Mainau

Farfalle sull'isola di Mainau

Una delle attrattive più caratteristiche dell'Isola di Mainau sul Lago di Costanza è sicuramente la serra di farfalle che racchiude tantissime e rarissime farfalle da tutto il mondo. Questa si aggiunge alle tantissime e diversissime piante che arricchiscono l'isola rendendola una destinazione molto visitata in Germania. Numerosi accorrono per ammirare le fioriture in Aprile, le bellissime fontane e le maestose sequoie. Un must da non perdere.

Rudesheim Wine Festival

Germany’s Wine and Rhine Traditions at the Rudesheim Wine Festival

For years, my trips to Germany were synonymous with beer. From Munich to Hamburg to Berlin, whichever part of the country I found myself in, I would seek out the sunniest beer gardens and find myself chugging a pint of home-brewed Weissbier or Radler, cheering prost as our glasses clinked, and dreaming, perhaps like any other beer lover, of reveling in the Oktoberfest of Bavaria.

Then one day, in a casual chat with a German friend, I was let into a world I didn’t know existed in Germany – the world of German wine-makers in the Rheingau region, only an hour from Frankfurt. The next thing I knew, it was mid-August and I was boarding a train to Rudesheim Am Rhein, a town that sits prettily by the River Rhine and is best known for cruise ship day-trippers, to attend the Rudesheim Wine Festival, one of the oldest wine festivals in the region dating back 80+ years!

The warm summer breeze of Rudesheim welcomed me as the sun set above the lush vineyards dotting the surrounding hills. The River Rhine flowed along gently, echoing the festivities in the cobbled town square. The wine queens – traditionally the daughters of wine merchants and now ambassadors of wineries in each Rheingau village – had just been crowned and were being welcomed with music and dancing on the stage. Stalls of local wineries, including the 12th century Eberbach monastery and the incidental home of late harvest wines – Schloss Johannisberg – lined the square, bringing their traditions and stories to the visitors. Cheers of zumwohl replaced prost, cozy wine gardens decked with grape vines replaced beer gardens, and old wine cellars replaced microbreweries. My discovery of Germany’s lesser-known wine culture was just getting started!

The four days of Rudesheim Wine Festival felt like the gentle unwrapping of a precious present. One afternoon, I found myself hiking with the locals in the vineyards of Rudesheim, greeted every now and then by local wine makers for a taste of their finest Rieslings. On another, a wine merchant invited me to a special parade of wine queens and wine makers across the town and its vineyards. Nights were spent sampling Rieslings and tales of bygone days with the local wine growers, as the church bells tolled to compliment German music and the aroma of freshly baked flamkuchens.

But the highlight of the festival came unexpectedly on the last night, when most visitors had retired home, leaving only the residents of Rudesheim to celebrate centuries of a close-knit wine culture. Three generations of each family descended upon the town square, held hands and sang songs about Rudesheim and the Rhine, cheered the wine queens and wine makers on stage, and danced unreservedly into the night. I felt far from Bavaria and yet in the heart of Germany!


DAS RUHRGEBIET: VAN INDUSTRIEEL BRAAKLAND TOT KUNSTLANDSCHAP. Elk jaar midden augustus tot midden oktober palmt het prestigieuze kunstenfestival Ruhrtriennale weer het halve Ruhrgebied in. Wij gingen tijdens de vorige editie eens kijken en werden zowat letterlijk van onze sokken geblazen. Vooral het post-industirële Ruhrlandschap wist ons te overdonderen met z'n unieke atmosfeer.


Beer Brings People Together

It's hard to describe the sound that reverberates through a beer festival, but it's a hearty rumble of laughter, good conversation and the clicking on liter beer jugs all set to the passing of music and the sounds of the fair. It's an infectious atmosphere that you can lose yourself within for hours.

If there's one thing you should experience in life, it's a traditional German beer festival. Annafest comes highly recommended.

MS Dockville fesztivál a hamburgi Wilhelmsburg városrész egy volt iparterületén kerül megrendezésre augusztus 21–23. között. A különlegessége: a fesztivál a zene és a képzőművészet keverékére épül. Neked melyik bemutató a kedvenced?
#festivalsevents #dockville #youth

Fotó © MS Dockville

"Dockville“: es el festival de música y arte más famoso de Hamburgo, del del 21 al 23 de agosto de 2015
¡¡Una combinación muy singular de música y arte!!
#festivalsevents #dockville #youth

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Fotos: MS Dockville

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