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HotSpots in Duisburg

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Youth HotSpot
16. January 2012 by
Tag(s): Bars & Cafes Duisburg

Duisburg river port


This HotSpot is:
“Part of Europe's biggest river port. There are numerous bars lined up along the water's edge. The lighting and the old industrial flair make this a unique place to visit.”

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    pratheep vijayaratnam super and cool place enjoy hole day
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Youth HotSpot
15. January 2012 by
Tag(s): Must Sees Duisburg

Lake Wolfsee, Duisburg-Wedau


This HotSpot is: “Very popular, especially in summer, because you can swim in a very large, clean lake. Some places are secluded and you have the chance to do things with your friends, like tying hammocks to the trees, which are ideal for that, or just having a picnic with your girlfriend or boyfriend.”

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