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Youth HotSpot
04. March 2015 by Julie Sarperi
Tag(s): Must Sees Heilbronn

Dégustation de vin


The „Light Room“

Le domaine indépendant viticole de M. Fischer offre une belle gamme de vins. La salle de dégustation "Lightsroom" permet de constater que le vin n'a pas le même goût lorsque l'on change la couleur de l'éclairage, étonnant !

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Youth HotSpot
15. January 2012 by
Tag(s): Nightlife Heilbronn

Green Door


This HotSpot is:
“Small but select. The Green Door may not be as large as some other clubs, but, wow, what a place!
With a large outdoor area and just enough room in the indoor area, it is perfect for partying. Prices are OK.”

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    muchineripi i love this wonderful place



This HotSpot is:
“Very stylish. Classy atmosphere, with very good mix of music from all genres. The club is mainly decorated in white and black and has an upmarket feel. The clientèle are mostly in their mid-twenties and very pleasant.”

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    muchineripi ndari waal,what a place
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    George Orimba i love Creme21
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