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HotSpots in Hannover

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Youth HotSpot
30. August 2015 by Zoe Dawes
Tag(s): Must Sees Hannover

Herrenhausen Garden


Beautiful Baroque Gardens

Gorgeous Baroque Gardens laid out by Sophia Duchess and Electress of Hannover in the 17th C.

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    Name ziet er goed uit
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07. October 2015 by Jiang Han
Tag(s): Must Sees Hannover

Neues Rathaus



The church remains is being since the 2nd world war, and isn't rebuilt. Currently it is a monument for those lost in the war. #joingermantradition#livingtraditions#hannover



Pork and all from Bavarium

Bavarium is very traditional restaurant in downtown. Of course the pork is very very good, but the fried chicken is also delicious! #joingermantradition#foodanddrink#hannover

Herrenhauser Gärten Grotto

Niki the St.-Phalle at her best

A couple of years ago a very wealthy friend of mine, who owns an work of art by French artist Niki de St.-Phalle, told me included Hannover in a trip to Europe just to see Nikki's art in town. I had totally forgotten this until I came to Hannover and found out that Niki's works are all over the place. There are three Nanas in the Sculpture Mile downtown and an ancient grotto at the Herrenhauser Gardens was redone by Niki, who filled with her Nanas, a colorful Ganesha and a myriad of kaleidoscopic mirrors. Before her death, she donated her private collection to Hannover's Sprengel Museum, and will appear in the new wing due to open late in 2016.


Ha legközelebb #Hannover-be látogatsz, mindenképpen próbáld ki az új városháza ferde liftjét! #youth, #mustsees

Fotó © AngelikaSchwaff


48 uur in #Hannover, check hier de leukste tips en hotspots: via @BudgetTraveller #youth #mustsees

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Youth HotSpot
11. December 2013 by GermanyTourism
Tag(s): Hannover


One day in #Hannover... but you should stay 2 or 3! via @Viator_Germany #TT #Germany


Looking forward to the approaching winter time ice skating on the Maschsee in #Hannover is just one of the numerous options for your free time. What do you like the most about winter in Germany? #youth #mustsees

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