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HotSpots in Frankfurt am Main

Saint Gabriel Interieur

Frankfurt am Main

HotSpot for Vintage Design

Main Tower

Frankfurt am Main

Fantastuc view

Panoramic view from the 54th story terrace of Main Tower.

Green Sauce Festival

Frankfurt am Main

Tonight is Green

My first impression of the green sauce was just like having a salad without vegetables. The sauce had such a strong herb flavor that I felt like I was chewing fresh vegetables. Some of them mixed with yogurt, some with cream. They told me that I should try the sauce on egg and potato to see the chemistry. Actually, I was so hungry that swallowed everything on the plate without judging. Eventually, there was only one cup that went out quicker than others. I preferred the one that had less dairy products in it.
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Apfelwein Wagner

Frankfurt am Main

Don't miss the pork chuckles!

A really crowded place with heavy but great dishes. It's named after the drink you should choose to accompany those fatty foods: apple wine!

Museum Embankment Festival

Frankfurt am Main

Um festival imperdível

O Festival do Museu em ‪‎Frankfurt‬ (Museum Embankment Festival) é uma festa gigante ao ar livre com cultura, arte, música, lazer e muuuita gastronomia de diversos países do mundo (difícil escolher o que comer com tantas opções incríveis). O maior festival desse estilo na Europa. Além dos eventos especiais nos museus, a grande atração são as infinitas barracas de alimentação e bebidas e a iluminação nas margens do rio Meno (Main). Simplesmente, maravilhoso e para todas as idades.

Frankfurt am Main

In #Frankfurt vind je de grootste luchthaven van Duitsland én een heuse skyline #youth

Frankfurt am Main

#Frankfurt has a lot more to offer than just #Germany’s biggest airport and its unique skyline. Discover the city’s hotspots along the Main River and share them on our Hotspots page ( or right below in the comments! #youth #mustsees

a&o frankfurt galluswarte

Frankfurt am Main


I have stayed at A&O Frankfurt Galluswarte - Hostel.

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