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HotSpots in Frankfurt am Main

Main Tower

Frankfurt am Main

Fantastuc view

Panoramic view from the 54th story terrace of Main Tower.

River Cruise

Frankfurt am Main

See the Skyline of Frankfurt from the Water

On one side of the river are the skyscrapers of Frankfurt's modern commercial hub; on the other a line of classical buildings marking a museum mile and a neighborhood that retains the half-timbered and classical building styles.

What better way to see both sides of Frankfurt than from the water, on a one hour leisurely boat cruise. At night, it's more fascinating to see the city in lights.

Lorsbacher Thal

Frankfurt am Main

Apple Wine Tasting and Cellar Tour

Apple wine tasting at the Lorsbacher Thal restaurant and bar in Frankfurt's Sachsenhausen district is a must. Apple wine is different to cider, with wider varieties and a less sugary sweet taste to cider. This is one place where the experts are on hand to introduce you to the quality produce of the region.

Bitter & Zart

Frankfurt am Main

Traditional Sweet & Chocolate Heaven

Old or young, these kinds of generations-old shops delight. The display in here is incredible and you could spend a long time looking at all the Individual treats on offer. It's perfection, and smells like a dream. One tradition that will never get boring.

Sheraton Congress Hotel

Frankfurt am Main

Beside forest

Sheraton Congress Hotel Frankfurt is 10 kms from airport and one stop by S-Bahn from downtown, which is besides of forest, and you can some planes passing over the forest. #joingermantradition#livingtraditions#frankfurt

Bad Homburg

Frankfurt am Main

Amazing Church and Quiet Town

Bad Homburg is just 20-minitue distance by train from Frankfurt. You can enjoy quiet town, beautiful church, and a amazing spring. #joingermantradition#livingtraditions#frankfurt

Dauth Schneider

Frankfurt am Main

Dauth Schneider is very traditional restaurant, and you can enjoy very Frankfurt drink, CIDER, which is provided with a special bule container, and tastes a little sour. #joingermantradition#foodanddrink#frankfurt

Zeilgalerie - Best view in Town

Frankfurt am Main

Shopping mall is art exhibition

The building is so modern that you even it is from out of the earth. But what I am thinking is how to keep the snow and wind out of building? haha... #joingermantradition#livingtraditions#frankfurt

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