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HotSpots in Hamburg

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Youth HotSpot
17. December 2014 by Hailyu Zhang
Tag(s): Nightlife Hamburg

Wyndham hotel


Boutique hotel in Berliner tor

汉堡这家Wyndham,从各方面(尤其没有刻意设计)都优于柏林那家Ku’damm,虽然它地处的地段反倒叫Berliner tor。很多酒店都将浴室和厕所分开,但从没哪家像它这样,分到六七米之隔,即便房间长处估计也就十米。

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Youth HotSpot
15. December 2014 by Hailyu Zhang
Tag(s): Festivals & Events Hamburg



Rathausmarkt and 3 kings

汉堡市政厅集市与三王来朝Rathaus and Christmas market

Hamburg Graffiti Area


Awesome Street Art

Street art and Hamburg go hand-in-hand. While strolling down the streets of the city, you will see countless pieces of colourful, unique, beautiful, controversial and thought-provoking street art. There are even "pay-what-you-want" walking tours offered by Alternative Hamburg which not just shows you the graffiti hot spots in the city, but also informs you about the history and artists behind the more popular pieces.

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12. November 2014 by destinoalemania
Tag(s): Must Sees Hamburg


Para algunos el lago Alster de #Hamburg es uno de los lagos (urbanos) más bonitos y para otros se convierte en una gran pista de patinaje.
Ver más: #youth #mustsees

Foto: © Dipl. Fotograf Ralf Brunner

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Youth HotSpot
12. September 2014 by alemaniaturismo
Tag(s): Must Sees Hamburg


Patinando sobre agua (helada). #Hamburg, lago Alster. Foto: © R. Brunner #youth #mustsees


V Hamburku je 16 vánočních trhů. Který z nich je váš favorit?
#Weihnachten #mustsees #youth #Hamburg

Foto © Ralf Brunner

Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg


Worlds Largest Model Train World

Welcome to a birds-eye-view of a model world. This one-of-a-kind mini world is 1:87 scale and spares no attention to detail. You can visit famous sites around the globe in one visit. Experience the Wild West, Las Vegas, Downtown Hamburg, an electronic festival and go back in time with the many exhibits. This unforgettable attraction is complete thousands of train carts, self-driving cars, floating cruise ships, and a full airport with landing and departing airplanes. Be sure to stick around because every 15 minutes the scenes switch from day to night and are lit up by over 300,000 LED lights.


Happy Nikolaus Day!

Waking up in Germany on Dec 6 will be a pleasant surprise if you’ve been a good boy or girl this year. Today is known as Nikolaus Day. If you cleaned your shoes and left them outside your door last night Nikolaus, also known as Weihnachtsmann “Christmas Man" will fill them with goodies. Good children might find traditional treats such as walnuts, oranges, apples, cookies and chocolates. Naughty children receive a lump of coal. What would you find in your shoe this year?

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