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22. September 2015 by Michael Turtle
Tag(s): Must Sees Hamburg

International Maritime Museum


Fantastic museum

An impressive museum that has exhibits over ten floors about the history of maritime. The displays stretch from ancient explorers through to modern times. There's so much to see you could easily spend a few hours and still feel like you've missed things. Perfect for the whole family and an especially good option on a rainy day.



Great sunset spot

The city beach in Hamburg is slightly tricky to get to on public transport but worth the effort. The lovely stretch of sand has great views of the river and you can watch the ships coming in and out. Around sunset, the best place to stop is the Strandperle bar where you can grab a beer and sit at a table on the sand. Try one of the fish sandwiches too - the herring one is my favourite! :)


Hip, cool en net even anders, de @superbude in #Hamburg #youth #mustsees #germanytourism


A nyáron Hamburgba utazol? Ne hagyd ki Észak-Németország legnagyobb népünnepélyét a hamburgi Sommer Dom-ot (2015.07.24-08.23.)
#youth #festivalsevents #hamburg

Fotó © Hamburger DOM


La mayor fiesta popular en el norte de Alemania: La fiesta “Dom” en Hamburgo dura un mes, del 29 de julio al 28 de agosto.
¿Habéis estado allí?

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Foto: DZT/ Torsten K #youth #festivalsevents #hamburg


This picture was taken on top of the St Michaelis church in Hamburg. This protestant church was the first church to be built in Hamburg after the reformation and is one of the youngest and biggest in the city. Hamburg is also known for its hanseatic background and for musicals. Photographer: @kickthegrind

#hamburg #hanseatic #harbour #night #lights #stmichaelchurch #germany #water #germanytourism #visitgermany #luthercountry #youth #festivalsevents #city #travel #vacation #beautiful #igers #ig_global #instalike #instadaily #travelgram #greatview


Hip, cool en net even anders, hotel en hostel @superbude in #Hamburg #youth #mustsees #germanytourism

Hamburg Fischmarkt


Early morning at the historic fish market

Hamburg’s historic Fischmarkt (fish market) is held at the crack of dawn at 5am every Sunday morning (6am during the winter) between March and November. Running since 1703 along the banks of the Elbe River and crowned at its end by the 100+ year old Altona auction hall, the fish market has morphed from a sweat-it-out haggling ground between fishermen, fishmongers, and customers to a place that draws thousands of tourists – roughly 70,000 every year – with business still being conducted amidst it all. There are even live bands playing jazz, country, and rock music as patrons dig into all manner

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