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Áruld el nekünk, hogy szerinted mik a kötelező látnivalók #mustsees a világörökségekhez tartozó #WelterbeGermany #Bamberg városában! #youth

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Youth HotSpot
07. November 2013 by GermanyTourism
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48 Hours in #Bamberg #youthhotspots #Germany

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Better or Wurst
16. June 2013 by Lindsay Pond
Tag(s): Must Sees Bamberg

All Things Bamberg

48 hours in Bamberg

Navigating S-Bahns and U-Bahns, passing Crobags and Currywurst stands on every corner, and hopping from one national museum to another…Germany’s big cities have a lot to offer, but they leave my head spinning after a while.

Following three days in Munich, I knew I needed to see a slower pace of German life. So I started heading north, and BAM! There it was: Bamberg. Just 45 minutes north of Nuremberg sits this Baroque gem of a city. Although technically in Bavaria, Bamberg has its own distinct Franconian culture.

Starting from the heart of the city, I fell in love with its old town hall, covered in colorful frescos.
It's wedged on the tip of a small, artificial island on the Regnitz River, which with the series of bridges leading to and from it, makes it look a bit like Venice. Around this, Bamberg has plenty to see and do from hikes to museums to breweries. Armed with a transport and museum BAMBERGcard and passes to the city’s BeerTaster tour, I set out to find the best brews and views it had to offer:

*Hop on Bus 910 up to St. Michael’s Abbey and The Franconian Brewery Museum*
Check out the beautiful Baroque church, and you’ll also be rewarded with a tour of the Franconian Brewery Museum, where you can see the history of how the city’s tastiest beverages are created.

*Hike up to Altenburg Castle*
Whether you start from St. Michael’s or the old town, you’ll have a green hike to what was formerly the city’s main line of defense. Stop for lunch in the castle’s café and check out the great panoramic view of the city.

*Try the Rauchbier*
This is the signature beer of Bamberg: a smoky, almost bacon-flavored beer. (That’s right, bacon.) After that, feel free to sample one of the other 300 types of beer brewed in the city.

*Take Bus 912 to catch a beautiful view from Greifenklau*
Or if your staying at Bamberg’s main hostel, Jugendherbergen Am Kaulberg, it’s just a 10-minute walk. Greifenklau’s biergarten looks out over the treetops and offers a peak at Altenburg castles.

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Youth HotSpot
14. January 2012 by
Tag(s): Must Sees Bamberg

Little Venice


This HotSpot is:
“Like Venice in miniature, because its many rivers and bridges remind you of Venice. Bamberg is a beautiful world heritage town that everyone should visit!”

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