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HotSpots in Föhr Island, North Friesland

Ronja (boat) at Wyk

Föhr Island, North Friesland

make a sailing boat trip on the North Sea !

Being on an island and don't make boat trip would be a shame! We were lucky to get on the Ronja, an old fishing boat replica.
When the boat was out of the harbor, John (Captain) and his son asked us to hoist the mainsail : it was perfect !
The Captain (John) built this boat with his friends for 5 years in the 1990s. The sailing boat is 15 meters long, this is awesome !
From the Ronja, we enjoyed great views of the islands, and the best: observe a seal colony!

Föhr Island

Föhr Island, North Friesland

This HotSpot is:
“Enchanting! The beautiful beaches are great for relaxing and swimming in the summer, and perfect for long walks in autumn and spring. The island is also brilliant for cycling, either along the coast or from village to village at a more relaxed pace.”

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