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HotSpots in Bremerhaven

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Youth HotSpot
27. January 2015 by Nina Travels
Tag(s): Must Sees Bremerhaven

Observation Deck


Atlantic Sail City Hotel Observation Deck

Bremerhaven is an amazing city and it is a pitty it is not visited by more people. Bremerhaven offers everything someone wishes - it is rich with history, culture, bustling port, museums and also a wonderful observation deck, which shows you fantastic views over the city.

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Youth HotSpot
18. October 2013 by germanytravelNL
Tag(s): Bremerhaven


Geen sciencefiction, maar modern #Bremerhaven!

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Youth HotSpot
15. October 2013 by germanytravelNL
Tag(s): Bremerhaven


Zweten in de Sahara en klappertanden op Antarctica in het Klimahaus in #Bremerhaven. #herfstvakantie


Friday Fun Fact: Music and mud are no longer limited to rock festivals on rainy summer days. The sweet sound of jazz will fill the air above Spiekeroog April 18 - 21 at the 8th International Jazz Festival. On a walk along the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea mudflats, for example, children get to hunt for mussels and mudflat worms. Relaxing activities include sunbathing in a wicker beach chair while musicians delight audiences with their repertoire of jazz, swing, blues and boogie-woogie…
#youth, #bremerhaven, #festivalsevents

Klimahaus® Bremerhaven 8° Ost


This HotSpot is:
“Informative, clear and entertaining. It presents various climatic zones along the eighth degree of longitude. Suitable for all ages and definitely worth a visit.”

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