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HotSpots in Freiburg

Lienhart Bakery


Traditional Black Forest Cake At Lienhart’s Bakery in Freiburg

Traditional Black Forest Cake was actually “invented” (or at least first mentioned in print) in the early 20th century and its name comes from the distinctive liquor used in its preparation. A special tart cherry kirsch from the Black Forest is the only acceptable ingredient to add to the layers of chocolate, whipped cream and cherries that make an authentic cake, as I learned one morning in Freiburg when a local baker taught me how to make my own cake. Watching his trained hands it seemed easy, but of course it takes a lot of practice to make this now traditional and always delicious dessert.

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Youth HotSpot
15. April 2015 by Matt Long
Tag(s): Must Sees Freiburg

Time Walking in Freiburg


Go Back In Time With The Black Forest Girl

Freiburg is everything an old German city in the Southwest should be. Warm and welcoming people, delicious food and of course a rich history. As a history buff that’s what first few me in to this charming town, and why I decided to go on a very special tour of the old town.

I joined the “Black Forest Girl,” an elaborately dressed mädchen who took me down the winding alleyways of this gorgeous town. I learned a lot, but more importantly I had a ton of fun. I’ve always said that on tours how you feel is just as important as what you learn, and I left thrilled with my decision to visit Freiburg.


Looking for a great cafe in the heart of #Freiburg? Our tip: Cafehaus! #youth #barscafes


Freiburgot a napfény és a jóhangulat városának szokták hívni... hmm!?! Szívesen kortyolgatnátok nyugodtan egy csésze kávét #Freiburg belvárosában? Akkor a Caféhaus pontosan rátok vár! #youth #barscafes

Fotó © Tourismus Marketing GmbH Baden-Wurttemberg


Solo hasta el 14 de julio: Festival Zelt Musik en #Freiburg. #youth #festivalsevents #Alemania


Looking for that coffee hotspot? Enjoy a Sunday afternoon with friends at Münsterplatz square in the heart of Freiburg. #youth #mustsees #freiburg

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    cate nekesa looks like the coffee is aromatic around this place..A cup of cupccino would do for me. #youthcompetition. Cate Nekesa


Fribourg, convivial et chaleureux ...

Avec ses nombreux canaux et ruelles, cette ville historique et universitaire offre une ambiance conviviale et jeune.

A moins de 4 heures en train de Paris !

#youth #freiburg #mustsee

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Youth HotSpot
25. March 2013 by germanytravelNL
Tag(s): Freiburg


In de Altstadt van Freiburg voel je je meteen thuis. #youth #freiburg #mustsee

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