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HotSpots in Schwerin

Staatliches Museum Schwerin


A Time Journey To The Museum in Schwerin

The museum right next to the Schweriner Schloss (=castle) is always worth a visit. The exhibitions are really modern and diverse. So after walking around the city, drinking coffee in the Rösterei Fuchs near the market place and strolling around the castle garden you should definitely stop by the museum. Read this article for the current exhibition KUNSTRAUB | RAUBKUNST:

Museum Schwerin


Fluxus Made in USA - a whole new museum experience

When visiting the capitol of Mecklenburg-Pomerania the museum is always worth a visit! The present exhibition 'Fluxus made in USA' can cause a whole new state of mind, it interacts with the visitors in a very young and vivid way and is therefore a new museum experience. Don't miss it!

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