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Do you understand Miro?

There is lot lot of exhibitions regarding arts, architecture, and everything. Here in K20 museum you can not miss Miro's works in 2015, whatever you understand him or not. #joingermantradition#artsandcrafts#dusseldorf

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Youth HotSpot
07. September 2015 by Jiang Han
Tag(s): Must Sees Düsseldorf


Benrath in the flowers

Benrath palace is full of amazing, and there are too many interesting behind of so many doors. From outside, it is a 2-floor building, but actually a 4-floor one. #joingermantradition#livingtraditions#dusseldorf

Düsseldorf old town - the 'world's longest bar'


Kurzer Brewery

Compared with Uerige Brewery, Kurzer is a new one making beer with modern ways. Your can drink very fresh beer through a long tube, mmmm...... very good! #joingermantradition#foodanddrink#dusseldorf

Media Harbour Düsseldorf


Rhine Tower and Three Cool Building

Media Harbor is a very modern district that you must go in Dusseldorf, and you will find a lot of thing interesting, architecture, cafe, restaurant, and luxury hotel. Got to the 168 meter of Rhine tower, the Rhine river and the whole city is in your eyes. #joingermantradition#livingtraditions#dusseldorf

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Youth HotSpot
17. February 2015 by Niel Van Herck
Tag(s): Must Sees Düsseldorf



Architecture heaven

When in Dusseldorf, go to Medienhafen! A wonderful neighbourhood, filled with interesting architecture by the water. Especially at sunset this is the place to be!


Königsallee, detta brevemente “Kö”: la principale via dello shopping a Düsseldorf #youth #shopping #duesseldorf

Foto © DZT/Kiedrowski Rainer



Hinkel and Markt am Carlsplatz

Na Cidade Velha (Old Town) de Düsseldorf você encontra a Carlsplatz - uma quadra onde acontece a feira de Markt am Carlsplatz. Não deixe de provar os sucos naturais e o café da banca “Kaffee Reich”. Pertinho da feira, está localizado um dos segredinhos da cidade: a padaria Hinkel - amada pelos locais. A fila para comprar pães confirma a fama.



A vista do Pebble’s no Hyatt Hotel

Quando chegar na área de Mediahafen procure pelo café e bar Pebble’s no Hyatt Hotel. Uma espécie de iglu prata com mesas ao ar livre . Lá você terá uma das vistas mais lindas de Düsseldorf com a Torre da TV e as "dancing towers" de Frank O. Gehry.

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