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22. August 2015 by Deejay Nicke
Tag(s): Bars & Cafes Leipzig



The BEST Coffee in town!

This place roasts, grinds, and brews their own coffee onsite.
It is by far the best coffee in Leipzig, maybe in Germany. They prepare is 12 different ways, including amazing espresso and some Japanese siphons that look like they're straight out of Breaking Bad.

This is worth a visit if you love coffee.

Auerbachs Keller


Dinning in Faust

Auerbachs Keller is very famous because German poet used to dine who is Goethe. He became inspired by the restaurant's legends and wrote it in his drama "Faust". You can enjoy a lot of picture and words from "Faust". #joingermantradition#foodanddrink#leipzig

St.Thomas Church


Thuringer Hof

Thuringer Hof is the oldest restaurant in Leipzig, you can enjoy the traditional Saxon food. The restaurant is the one that Martin Luther often stayed. #joingermantradition#foodanddrink#leipzig

Karl Heine Canal


Boat & Bicycle Tour

Try another Leipzig, why not take part in bicycle and boat tour. On the Karl Heine Canal, please listen to the pure music from nature. #joingermantradition#livingtraditions#leipzig

St.Thomas Church


The Monday Concert

Every July and August in summer, the Monday Concerts in front of the Bach Monument take place at St. Thomas Church, which is free charge for public. Today due to wether, the concert move into inside of church. #joingermantradition#livingtraditions#leipzig



Music Route

There is a music route with the metal indicator in Leipzig, you can find several places regarding Mendelssohn, Bach, and other musicians, then you can feel the whole city is surrounded by music, so wonderful! #joingermantradition#livingtraditions#leipzig


Éjszakai élet Lipcsében - tippek a következő utazáshoz!
Keresd a felkapott helyszíneket a térképen!
#youth #leipzig #nightlife
Fotó © @leahajner


¿Quieres salir de fiesta en #Leipzig? ¡¡Busca los mejores sitios en este mapa!!

#youth #nightlife #Travel #Alemania

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