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Youth HotSpot
23. May 2015 by cookie chien
Tag(s): Must Sees Karlsruhe



See the Crown!!!

Just have one short day to stay in Karlsruhe. The city has a lot of construction now but it still worth seeing. Feel unbelievable that they build the city like the shape of sunshine 300 years ago. The museum has many items to see and I spent the time there and miss the tower there. Lost chance to overview the city but got another to see the incredible Crown in old Baden-Baden!!! Local people like to lay on the grass in the Scholss Garden, they have a lot of activities around there. #joingermantradition#karlsruhe#livingtraditions


Spargel and Wine

Follow the LonelyPlanet Guide book, I finally found this restaurant in a small street. The stuff are so kind to let me change the lunch set- cold soup change into spargel soup which I never taste before. This place is so quiet and have a mini garden to enjoy the sunshine. When the soup was coming, my eyes got refreshed. The settings, the flavor, the temperature......perfect!!!! They also have a large amount of wine, I tried the homemade white wine, very good quality. They make sense to cook, everyone can feel it. Oberländer Weinstuben, Akademie Strasse 7#joingermantradition#karlsruhe#foodanddrink


Július 19–21. között AZ ÜNNEP, azaz a DAS FEST szeretettel vár Karlsruhéban mindenkit, aki zenére és táncra vágyik!
#youth #karlsruhe #festialsevents
Fotó © Das Fest GmbH Karlsruhe


Openluchtfestival DAS FEST in Karlsruhe, 19-21 juli. #youth #karlsruhe #festivalsevents

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Youth HotSpot
29. May 2013 by GermanyTourism
Tag(s): Karlsruhe


Das FEST in Karlsruhe is one of Germany's biggest open-air music festivals. (July 19 – 21,2013) #youth #karlsruhe


Attracting over 200,000 visitors every year, das FEST in Karlsruhe is one of Germany's biggest open-air music festivals. (July 19 – 21,2013) #youth #karlsruhe #festivalsevents

Das Fest


This HotSpot is:
“A place to see well-known German stars and admission is just five euros. The atmosphere is fantastic.”

Knockout Festival


This HotSpot is:
“A great heavy metal festival with brilliant bands and a buzzing atmosphere.”

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