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Nudist bath, towels, flip-flops and soap are included; On Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, men and women bath separately except at stations 10 and 11—today is Monday but also a public holiday. Then I have my first mixed naked bath. To tell you the truth, I did not feel any uncomfortble and enjoyed it very much!!! Just went with the 17 steps into pools of different temperature, had 130-year-old steam bath, went down to the water at 18 degree for one second…..All Roman style. And do you find bugs in the pic? :P #joingermantradition#Baden-Baden#livingtradition

Café König


Black Forest on board!!!

For Asian people, I think each city has their own way to make "Black Forest" which makes misunderstanding of the cake. Some of my friends just asked me how is that chocolate cake in Germany. Oh dear, the real Black Forest is not focus on the brown color but the cherry and cherry wine- "Kirsch" in English. This café is very popular since last century because many world famous writer love to come here. I taste the Black Forest which is fresh with the flavor of the wine. It is a wonderful place to have a break in the city center of Baden-Baden.#joingermantradition#Baden-Baden#foodanddrink



Wonderful wine tasting!!!

Schloss Neumeier has a big vineyard which produce different kind of Riesling in the Black Forest. I taste from Rose Sparkling to the Goldenes Loch, love the latter very much which is very soft and bottled in a very traditional one-only can be found in Baden-Baden. The Schloss also have a very good one star Michelin restaurant and several rooms for accommodation. Wish I could come here next time, spending more time to explore the area, leaning how the grapes grow and trying to find good wine for me.#joingermantradition#foodanddrink#Baden-Baden



Typical atmosphere in country side!!!

Neuweier is one of the three villages which produce wine around Baden-Baden. Small streets all over here and there are some good restaurant hiding inside. Traube, which is run by family, is a very nice one to go. I enjoy everything there, from the traditional dressed waitress to the color of decoration, especially the local food!! The beef is so soft and the creamy sauce just gave me a similar taste in my hometown- it is a magic!!! #joingermantradition#foodanddrink#Baden-Baden

Havana Shisha Bar


This HotSpot is:
“Fantastic. Low prices, great atmosphere and nice shishas.”

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