Freimarkt, Bremen
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Bremen Freimarkt: cool heads break loose

Bremen locals might have a reputation as reserved north Germans rather than party animals, but every year the Bremen Freimarkt dispels that myth. More than four million people enjoy all the funfair entertainment and music, with dancing in the streets, excitement in the air and merriment in the beer tents and inns around Bremen's beautiful old quarter.

This fine tradition dates back almost 1,000 years. Ever since 1035, Bremen citizens, who were then proud seafarers and merchants, have celebrated the privilege of being allowed an independent market, a Freimarkt. In the early days it was mainly farmers, grocers and merchants who attended, but soon they were followed by artisans, musicians, travelling entertainers, fortune tellers, jesters and showmen. Today the Freimarkt is one of the biggest fairs in Germany. The 10-hectare fairground at Bürgerweide in the city centre hosts a funfair to end all funfairs. If that sounds too hectic, head for the mini Freimarkt on Bremen's market square where you'll discover an enchanting world of traditional merry-go-rounds and freshly baked cookies, roasted almonds and much more, all presented at beautifully decorated stalls. Just round the corner, between the town hall and the Church of Our Lady, the Middle Ages is brought back to life in the form of a market village from the year 1382, with merchants hawking their wares, blacksmiths and glassblowers demonstrating their craft over open flames, and singers and travelling minstrels recalling past times.

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