German Gemstone Route, Herrstein
German Gemstone Route, Herrstein ©Deutsche Edelsteinstraße, Herrstein

A sparkling tour of wonders: the German Gemstone Route

The Hunsrück-Nahe region around Idar-Oberstein, home to some of the most beautiful highland scenery in Germany, boasts a unique and fascinating treasure trove: the German Gemstone Route.

Nowhere in the world will you learn so much about precious stones in so little space as on this barely 50km-long route, which offers a dazzling array of richly varied experiences. Diamonds, agates, gemstone cutting, goldsmithing, acclaimed mines, museums, rugged scenery and history at your fingertips: it's an Aladdin's cave. Visitors can watch jewellers cutting and engraving gems in their workshops and learn all about the multi-faceted world of gemstones at two visitor mines, the Gemstone Garden in Kempfeld, more than 60 traditional and modern agate-cutting workshops and a host of museums. Today, it is still possible for visitors to go prospecting for their own shiny stones in the Steinkaulenberg mine, and anybody interested in designing their own jewellery can take special courses in gem cutting, goldsmithing and engraving to see how jewellery is made from raw, uncut stones, gold and silver and even have a go themselves.

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