Luther 2017

500 years since the Reformation

Bad Neustadt

Today Bad Neustadt is a spa resort whose attractions include its saline springs, a beautifully preserved old quarter and baroque art at its most exuberant. When Luther's mother was born here in the 15th century, the town was the economic centre of the Franconian hill country.

Margarethe Lindemann and Hans Luder were the same age when they married in 1479/80, and they lived together in her home town for three years. Back then, Salzburg Castle towered above the town atop a vine-clad hill. Today it is a romantic ruin with a mighty gateway keep and two Romanesque residential towers.

The town's Carmelite church is a jewel of Franconian cultural history. It contains one of the finest baroque pulpits in Bavaria and a wonderfully preserved baroque organ from the 18th century.


The most famous landmark in the Bavarian town of Bad Neustadt is the 34-metre Hohntor gatehouse crowning the heart-shaped town wall, which is completely intact. Inside the old quarter, the market square serves as the focal point and is lined by elaborate baroque buildings. Neuhaus Palace, the late-baroque jewel of the spa district on the opposite bank of the Saale, is surrounded by an English-style country park, which is perfect for a stroll.

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