Luther 2017

500 years since the Reformation


Martin Luther declared that the buildings in Torgau were more beautiful than any from ancient times. That is still true today. With five hundred Renaissance and late-Gothic buildings, Torgau in Saxony is an architectural gem of international standing.

A highlight of this impressive architectural ensemble is Hartenfels Palace with its grand staircase. The stone spiral stairway elegantly winds its way upwards and at the top is the oldest sculpture of Luther.

The palace chapel was consecrated by the great reformer himself in 1544. However, it is not just Luther himself who is honoured in Torgau. In 1552, to escape the plague, his widow, Katharina von Bora, fled with her children to Torgau, where she died a short time later. A museum in the house where she died commemorates the 'most famous clergyman's wife in the world'.


A stroll through the historical old quarter of Torgau is like taking a step back in time to the Renaissance. The market square with the Renaissance town hall and the ensemble of magnificent patrician town houses is particularly impressive. The town is also home to the oldest toy shop in Germany and one of the oldest pharmacies in Saxony, the Mohrenapotheke. If you want explore the town under your own steam, there is a colour-coded route to help you get your bearings.

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