Teutoburg Forest - Externsteine rocks
Teutoburg Forest - Externsteine rocks ©Teutoburger Wald Tourismus (Andreas Hub)
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Teutoburg Forest: Retracing the past

There has always been something special about the Lippe region. It was here that the legendary Battle of Teutoburg Forest took place in 9 AD, when the Teutons, led by Hermann the Cheruscan, stopped the Romans’ northern advance. The region still proudly refers to itself as ‘Hermann’s Teutoburg Forest’.

The verdant wooded hills here serve as a green lung for the neighbouring Rhine-Ruhr conurbation, known for its heavy industry. The landscape is rich in natural medicinal resources, which have given rise to traditional spa resorts such as Bad Salzuflen and Bad Meinberg. The region has many reminders of its fascinating history: natural monuments such as the Externsteine fissured rocks dating back 70 million years, the Hermann the Cheruscan monument, palaces and castles from the 16th and 17th centuries and the historical towns of Detmold and Bad Salzuflen.

Germany’s ‘healing garden’

The region’s spa resorts combine the benefits of the mild yet bracing climate with salt water, mud, sulphur, and warm and cold healing waters. Today, these oases of wellbeing unite exercise, wellness, fitness and beauty facilities with a wealth of medical expertise – from the highly specialist German Heart Centre through to traditional Chinese medicine. Rest and recuperation for mind, body and soul. In Germany’s healing garden you not only get to relax and unwind, but you also benefit from individually tailored therapies and health treatments. On special climate walks, you intentionally expose yourself to the invigorating effects of the wind and cold while getting some gentle exercise.

Walking: relax, get fit and clear your mind

Some of Germany’s best loved trails are situated around Hermannshöhe (Hermann’s Rise), including the Hansaweg Trail and the Panorama Trail. There is also a pilgrimage route called ‘Time for the soul’, inviting walkers to slow down and spend some time with their own thoughts. The route includes quiet places to stop and think – for an experience that’s both relaxing and reflective.

Time to get pedalling

Whether you prefer to cycle up and down the peaks in the Teutoburg Forest and Egge hills or pedal leisurely along field-covered valleys, the Hermann region has the ideal terrain and route for every cyclist. The area is also geared up for ‘pedelecs’. Various electric-bike rental shops and charging points in the region enable cyclists of all abilities to enjoy the countryside on two wheels.

Teutoburg hospitality

The hotels and restaurants of the Land-WIRTE initiative offer traditional Lippe hospitality in rural surroundings, serving regional dishes made from fresh ingredients. Idyllic farmhouses provide the perfect setting in which to enjoy a meal. Local favourites include Lippe potato soup, Lippe pork loin on broad beans, and baked apple.

A route dedicated to arts and crafts

On the Kulturroute Kunsthandwerk, craftspeople reveal their day-to-day working life. When you visit these talented artisans in their studios and workshops, you’ll learn what motivates them, find out which traditions they see themselves in, and discover how they work.


  • Strate brewery in Detmold: this family company, now in its fifth generation, won a prize for its green credentials
  • Actively upholding traditional customs: the Schwalenberg/Lippe guild of historical costumes has been bringing history to life for 100 years
  • ‘Wellness Plus’ Initiative: 27 member organisations offer relaxation and selected cultural experiences
  • Plöger paper mill: get an insight into working life at the mill and the traditional method of making paper by hand´

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