Xavier Naidoo – the German voice of soul

Xavier Naidoo's soul vocals, cool look and positive messages have made him an important voice in German pop. Since the album Nicht von dieser Welt (1998) all of his studio albums have reached number one in the German charts.

Xavier Naidoo, whose family origins are Asian and African, was born in Mannheim in 1971. He released his first album in the USA under the name Kobra. Xavier Naidoo is strongly influenced by gospel, soul, R&B and hip-hop, and he frequently collaborates with artists working in these genres. In 1995 he founded the band Söhne Mannheims and released four successful albums with them. His lyrics have won several awards and since 2003 he has had three number one hits in Germany with 'Ich kenne nichts', 'Danke' and 'Das hat die Welt noch nicht gesehen'.

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