A journey of self-discovery – welcome to the Swabian Spa Route

The Swabian Spa Route, which stretches some 180 kilometres from Überlingen on Lake Constance to Bad Wörishofen in the Allgäu, is the ideal place to pamper yourself, enjoy some 'me' time, daydream, switch off and let go. You're sure to feel fit and healthy after some Kneipp hydrotherapy, a peat spa, Nordic fitness or aqua biking. There are healthy activities for everyone on offer, from preventive exercise programmes to therapeutic treatments.

Wending its way through lush, sun-kissed countryside, the Swabian Spa Route takes you from Lake Constance with its mediterranean flair, through the rolling hills of Upper Swabia and the Alpine foothills of the Allgäu region to the majestic rocky peaks of the Allgäu Alps. Nine spas and health resorts en route provide a haven for the body and soul. Here you can replenish your energy levels and gather new strength from the health-giving properties of curative natural mud, soothingly warm thermal water and holistic, natural remedies based on the teachings of Father Kneipp. Thermal springs, rich in sulphur and fluoride, well up from depths of up to 1,800 metres to feed the spas and their pool complexes, imparting not only a therapeutic effect but also a sense of total relaxation. Father Kneipp was among the first to discover the special healing powers of water, and a course of his hydrotherapy treatments is an excellent tonic. Whether you visit the picture-perfect scenery of the Allgäu or admire the baroque treasures of Upper Swabia, simply enjoy the tranquillity and pamper yourself to your heart's content.

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