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The NürnbergMesse Group

NürnbergMesse is one of the 20 largest trade fair companies in the world and among the top ten in Europe. Every year, around 30,000 exhibitors and 1.38 million visitors attend events organised by NürnbergMesse.

The company hosts its own events as well as those of partners and third parties; its portfolio comprises around 120 national and international trade fairs and conventions. It also organises around 35 sponsored pavilions in Nuremberg and around the world. NürnbergMesse specialises in innovative trade fairs for the following industries: consumer goods, processing & packaging, building & construction, IT & electronics, health & the public sector.

The NürnbergMesse Group has a number of foreign subsidiaries – NürnbergMesse China Ltd., NürnbergMesse North America Inc., NürnbergMesse Brasil Ltda. and NürnbergMesse Italia S.r.l. – and is present in key international trade fair markets. It also has a network of approximately 44 representative offices operating in 91 countries.

Today, NürnbergMesse is one of the fastest growing trade fair organisers in Europe. The secret of its success: clearly defined concepts and a fair, partnership-oriented approach. With customers. And within its own team.

Key figures at a glance:

  • Number of exhibitors: 29,581 – 19,053 from Germany and 10,528 from other countries (2010)
  • Number of attendees: 1.38 million – 975,000 industry professionals, of which 775,000 are from Germany and 200,000 from abroad (2010)
  • Main sectors: trade fairs, exhibitions, events, conventions
  • 159 industry trade fairs, conventions, public events and corporate events
  • Indoor exhibition space: around 160,000m², outdoor exhibition space: around 50,000m²
  • Number of halls: eleven exhibition halls and one multi-purpose hall, grouped around the central park

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