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Wine shops: find your favourite wine

The whole enthralling world of German wine is yours to explore. Pay a personal call on the country's top winemakers to sample and compare their finest wines. You never know, you could well discover your absolute favourite at a wine estate, wine shop or a fascinating interactive wine exhibition!
Amalienhof wine tavern on Steinberg hill in Beilstein

Welcome to Amalienhof! If you're looking for an amazing venue coupled with a traditional family atmosphere, look no further. Whether you choose our wine tavern, function hall, one of our meeting rooms with a charming, cosy chill-out lounge or the open-air terrace – you'll experience something extraordinary. We look forward to welcoming you.

Remstalkellerei wine cooperative, Württemberg

Remstalkellerei wine cooperative is located in the Remstal wine-growing region of Stuttgart . Every Saturday, we offer guided tours of the biggest cellar with wooden barrels in the Württemberg region, followed by a wine tasting. Why not visit our wine pavilion where you can taste our wines free of charge? See our website for more information.

Fellbach wine cooperative shop

Expert advice is on hand in Fellbach wine cooperative's Neue Kelter building at the foot of Kappelberg hill. Wine enthusiasts can taste Fellbach specialities in the light-filled wine shop, with no obligation to buy. Customer-friendly opening hours make for an enjoyable, stress-free shopping experience.

Laubenheimer Höhe estate: wine among the vines

Our wine shop at the Laubenheimer Höhe estate features some of the most prestigious vineyards in Mainz and Rheinhessen , one of the Great Wine Capitals. In partnership with the Mainz vintners, we showcase the top 50 wines from Mainz and the 100 best Rheinhessen wines. The German Wine Institute supports the German Riesling Lounge where fine German rieslings are served.

Weinland Freyburg wine shop

Weinland Freyburg specialises in wines, sekt and spirits from 14 different makers in the Saale-Unstrut wine region , the most northerly in Germany. Its 'wine finder' speeds up the search for your perfect wine. Every care is taken when packaging your favourite wine and any other wine-related purchases.

Werner Anselmann wine estate, Edesheim, Palatinate

This family-run, 118ha wine-growing estate is one of the biggest in Germany and its wines have won international awards. A wide variety is available, ranging from bone dry to lusciously sweet. Robust reds and sparkling sekt are specialities. In 2010, the Anselmann family was named Winemaker of the Year and awarded a gold medal in the German Agricultural Society (DLG) wine awards.

Schloss Johannisberg – The first exclusively riesling estate

Schloss Johannisberg has been making wine for more than 900 years. As the world's first riesling estate, we have been growing and vinifying this major variety for around 300 years. Tasting the wines in our ancient cellar surrounded by wooden barrels is a special experience, matched only by the views of the Rheingau . Regional specialities are also served in our estate restaurant.

Bonsai & wine – Saar wine merchant

Our wine shop in Saarburg stocks riesling wines made by all the VDP-certified wine estates in the Saar region, such as Egon-Müller-Scharzhof, Van Volxem, von Othegraven, Dr Fischer and Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt, which produce exceptionally fruity and intensely sweet wines. Wines from Scharzhofberger, Ockfener Bockstein and other acclaimed vineyards can be tasted at any time and are available at wholesale prices.

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