Restaurant Bodendorf's at Landhaus Stricker: Holger Bodendorf impresses with southern French lightness

Within ten years, Kerstin and Holger Bodendorf have taken their gourmet restaurant Landhaus Stricker and its exciting flavour-centric cuisine to the top of the Sylt rankings.

From the harmonious flavour-centric cuisine he developed years ago, with its mediterranean and southern French influences, Holger Bodendorf has gradually evolved a light, healthy cuisine in which every course adheres to the pleasure principle. He has a soft spot for fish and seafood, and always tries to source the best produce for his guests despite the difficulties imposed by his geographical location. He mainly serves the very finest Breton ingredients and even goose liver, though he uses a non-force-fed type with a taste that is almost as intense. His dishes are finely executed and classically conceived, rather than trend-influenced, and he incorporates new techniques, especially sous-vide cooking, in order to heighten the experience of flavours.

Bodendorf offers a classic menu (called Bodendorf's favourites) with the emphasis on self-contained flavour combinations, such as soaked rye bread with duck foie gras, truffle butter and shallot chutney – dishes that might be cooked differently but not better. For his 'modern' menu, Bodendorf's approach is usually more differentiated – for instance with his sensational cod in beurre noisette whey poached on green almonds, scallops and bulgur, caper grissini, in which he creates an innovative flavour spectrum by adding a slightly sour note to the aromatic Norwegian winter cod (by using sour cream butter for the beurre noisette) in combination with caramel, all perfectly framed by herby, vegetable acidity and textures – a real journey of discovery on a plate!

© Prof. Dr. Ingo Scheuermann

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