The late-afternoon sun is shining on a vineyard. The branch of a tree cuts across the picture from right to left in front of the observer. In the middle of the picture is a gate. To the left is a vineyard that slopes down towards the riverbank. It belongs to Hornberg Castle, which means it is part of the world's second-oldest working winery. In the distance, the waters of the Neckar river glisten in the sunlight. On the far shore is another mountain ridge.
Vineyard in the Odenwald forest ©ADFC - DpR
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Neckar Valley Cycle Route – not only for wine connoisseurs

The river Neckar and its long tradition of winemaking are the main features of this rich and varied route. Awarded four stars by the German Cyclists' Federation (ADFC), this tour offers everything you could wish for – from tranquil valleys to vibrant towns and cities.

Starting at the source of the Neckar and following the course of the river, the route weaves its way through narrow valleys, such as Eschachtal and Vogeltal, to the ancient towns of Rottweil, Horb, Rottenburg and Tübingen. Leaving the Middle Ages behind, it goes straight to the here and now – to the modern city of Stuttgart – and continues towards Heilbronn and Odenwald, where majestic vineyards give way to historical castles and palaces. Why not enjoy views of Dilsberg Castle or Guttenberg Castle with a glass or two of locally produced wine? It's then on to Heidelberg, the epitome of German Romanticism. Germany's oldest university, the castle and the old town are must-see attractions here. The route comes to an end in the city of Mannheim, which is famous for its culture.

Terrain: The route comprises predominantly tarmac paths with some woodland trails. It has virtually no climbs and is generally quiet, but sometimes runs along main roads.

Scenery: The route passes numerous historical towns, castles and palaces, the Felsengärten conservation area and Odenwald forest, often with views of steep terraced vineyards.

At a glance: Neckar Valley Cycle Route

  • Length: 366 km
  • Starts: Villingen-Schwenningen
  • Ends: Mannheim
  • Travel (nearest city to start | end):
    Freiburg 78 km | Stuttgart 115 km
  • About the route: level paths, majority of route suitable for trailers

4-star ADFC quality-certified cycle route

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