In the green heart of Germany – Kellerwald-Edersee National Park

Kellerwald-Edersee National Park is located right in the lush, verdant heart of Germany, on the southern shore of Lake Edersee, barely half an hour's drive from Kassel. Covering around 5,700 hectares, the national park contains one of the last remaining unbroken expanses of pristine deciduous forest in central Europe.

The Kellerwald-Edersee National Park in Hessen offers nature at its very best, an unspoilt paradise created through decades of dedicated conservation and forestry work. Here, there are no roads, settlements or railway lines.

Instead, the region has more than 50 hills covered in a 'sea of beeches', interspersed with idyllic valley glades and meandering crystal-clear streams. Rock and boulder fields left over from the last ice age, surrounded by large-leaved limes and oaks, some of which are almost 1,000 years old, dank gorges with ash and mountain elm, orchid-filled meadows and carpets of cheddar pinks all combine to make up the national park's remarkable scenery.

A wide range of fascinating guided tours, walks and cycle routes through the national park are available. Visitors are invited to watch animals, explore the forest, take photos, ask questions and enjoy the woodland air. At Kellerwald-Edersee National Park they can learn to observe and understand nature at its most unspoilt.

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