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The German Golf Route

German Golf Route – A unique golfing pleasure in Germany

Golf "Made in Germany": the German Golf Route stretches all the way across Germany and gives you the chance to experience the wonders of the golfing world, whether you're a beginner or an experienced golfer. Whether it is the ever-changing scenery or the sport, the hidden gems along the route will leave you lost for words. All golfers know that golf is more than just a sport;

it's all about the swing! As one of the most established ball games, golf is no longer the reserve of wealthy, elite sportsmen but rather a popular hobby for young and old players alike that is anything but dull. Essentially, players aim to get the golf ball into the small hole on the green in as few shots as possible, and although the sport might seem little more than a leisurely stroll at first glance, it is not for the faint-hearted. For example, it will take you around four hours to complete an 18-hole course, walking a distance of almost 9 km and making use of virtually every muscle in your body.

A golf safari through Germany

Germany's golf scene offers a wide range of variety set amid captivating coastal scenery and the backdrop of the Alps. Almost every region now boasts a beautiful green and you can find destinations offering packages of every stripe for seasoned golfers with good handicaps, golfing beginners and even those who just want to give it a try. Beginners are welcomed as valued guests and many clubs do not set a minimum handicap, merely requiring players to have completed a golf proficiency course. Experience Germany's best golfing destinations and the country's most interesting golf courses.

Stop, play and have fun

A journey along the German Golf Route means one thing: giving golf a go and discovering the love of the game for yourself. Games can be had at almost 12,000 fairways over around 800 courses, some of which are of world-class standard and by designers who are at the very top of their game. In addition you will find many accommodation options and attractive golf packages to suit every budget and taste.

Driving between the Alps and the North Sea

Great events, culture, beauty and fitness, delicious regional and gourmet cuisine, leisure parks and many more attractions fill in the gaps in an already comprehensive package. The German Golf Route wishes you all a good game on Germany's fairways! Whether a long-established golf club or golfing for all levels, anybody who gives golfing a try will be hooked.

German Golf Route


Theme: golf, countryside

Bad Griesbach: spa resort, golf resort, largest golfing academy in the world
Fleesensee: Mecklenburg Lakes, golf resort
Fürstenzell: Feng Shui golf course
Cologne: cathedral, museums, Gut Lärchenhof golf club
Munich: Eichenried golf club, shopping


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