Restaurant Tim Raue
Restaurant Tim Raue © Wolfgang Stahr

Restaurant Tim Raue: Tim Raue steals the show with exceptional, Asian-inspired cuisine at its very best

Opening his own restaurant in autumn 2010 evidently liberated Tim Raue and helped his cuisine find its true identity.

Unbridled curiosity and natural creativity enabled Tim Raue to gradually develop a highly individual culinary style from his fascination with Asian cuisine. The result is an assemblage of Chinese flavours, Thai aromas and Japanese product perfection on a basis that is contemporary French. Independence has emancipated Raue and given his development an immense boost. He has 'come home', so his creations are more focused on the core elements of taste and texture, and his dishes are purer, more mature, more balanced and more confident. Raue has also curtailed his spicy accents, allowing him to elaborate his intricate sweet-sour dialogues to even greater advantage.

Consequently, creations such as SEA BASS black truffle / 20 years aged rice wine stand on their own merits. Raue pan-sears the sublime main ingredient in beurre noisette, then makes a confit, sets it on a bed of Thai water spinach flavoured with prik nam pla (a hot Thai fish sauce), pours on a cold rice wine stock with a hint of cider vinegar and flanks it with porcini cream, hazelnuts, beurre noisette foam and shaved black truffle – the interplay between the brown-oxidative notes combined with the succulence of the sea bass and the spicy-sweet dichotomy is simply amazing! Even more extraordinary is SEA URCHIN ICE CREAM yellow fungus / Sichuan pepperin which Raue combines a sensational sea urchin ice cream with the highly concentrated chanterelle flavour and crisp texture of yellow fungus, with pineapple, whose sweetness is curbed by Sichuan pepper, and with fully ripe Thai mango – breathtaking!

© Prof. Dr. Ingo Scheuermann

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