• Restaurant Haerlin
    Restaurant Haerlin ©Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten
  • Jacobs Restaurant
    Jacobs Restaurant ©Hotel Louis C. Jacob
  • Seven Seas gourmet restaurant
    Seven Seas gourmet restaurant ©KHH Süllberg Betriebsgesellschaft mbH & CO.KG
  • Piment Hamburg
    Piment Hamburg ©Piment Hamburg
  • Restaurant Anna Sgroi
    Restaurant Anna Sgroi ©Restaurant Anna Sgroi
  • Restaurant Memory
    Restaurant Memory ©Restaurant Memory
  • Rive Bistro-Restaurant
    Rive Bistro-Restaurant ©RIVE
  • Die Bank Brasserie, Bar & Restaurant
    Die Bank Brasserie, Bar & Restaurant © Kassenhalle GmbH & Co. KG
  • Sabai gourmet restaurant at Steigenberger Hotel
    Sabai gourmet restaurant at Steigenberger Hotel ©Steigenberger Hotel Hamburg


Hamburg, the city of labskaus stew and red berry compote, has taken high-end gastronomy to its heart, boasting three restaurants with two Michelin stars since 2013. The overall picture is enormously varied, ranging from restaurants serving regional down-to-earth food to the grand old establishments on the Elbchaussee – more than ever before, Hamburg is worth a (culinary) visit.
Restaurant Haerlin
Restaurant Haerlin at Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten

No wonder Restaurant Haerlin is the flagship of the four restaurants at Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten; its reputation and tradition are still as strong as ever. This is a gourmet restaurant of the highest calibre – offering an elegant ambience, exquisite tableware, fine porcelain, silver cutlery and impeccable service. Top chef Christoph Rüffer's quiet nature and typical Hanseatic reserve are reflected in his clear, accented, concentrated dishes.

Jacobs Restaurant
Right beside the Elbe: Jacobs Restaurant in Hamburg

Thanks to Michelin-starred chef Thomas Martin, his contemporary, light, fresh cuisine and an expertly put-together wine cellar, Jacobs Restaurant has been one of Hamburg's best gourmet destinations for many years. It offers unforgettable gastronomic experiences, as well as cookery courses, with magnificent views of the Elbe, large murals and heavy crystal chandeliers all adding to the sense of luxury. In fine weather, meals are served on the famous Lindenterrasse.

Seven Seas gourmet restaurant
Seven Seas at Süllberg Hotel: Hamburg's highest kitchen

The Seven Seas gourmet restaurant is at the heart of the Süllberg ensemble. In an elegant ambience, Karlheinz Hauser offers excellent, classic French gourmet compositions with surprising inspirations from the seven seas. Diners can enjoy dramatic views of the Elbe through the angled windows or from the terrace. The Seaside Lounge on the Süllberg's highest terrace is one of the best viewpoints in Hamburg.

Piment Hamburg
Piment in Hamburg

This small family-run restaurant is situated in the pretty Hamburg district of Eppendorf where it enchants diners with its relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Executive chef Wahabi Nouri combines his passion for travel with his flair for haute cuisine. His style of cooking has its roots in classic French cuisine, but with a Moroccan twist. Nouri's distinctive repertoire also includes purely Moroccan dishes, which can be requested in advance.

Restaurant Anna Sgroi
Restaurant Anna Sgroi in Hamburg-Pöseldorf

Anna Sgroi's trademarks are the simplicity and clarity of her compositions, which concentrate on the essential flavours of first-class ingredients. The Italian creates modern, finely nuanced and honed interpretations of the culinary traditions from back home. Located at the heart of Pöseldorf near the Outer Alster lake, Restaurant Sgroi harmoniously combines timber-framed architecture and a mediterranean atmosphere, which you can best enjoy from the terrace.

Restaurant Memory
Restaurant Memory in Hamburg-Sülldorf

Memory gourmet restaurant is in the Hamburg district of Sülldorf, near the Blankenese 'stairway quarter' and Süllberg hill, not far from the Elbe. Top chef Heiko Hagemann delights his guests with refined interpretations of classic modern cuisine. As well as classic choices, there are seasonal, themed menus with perfectly matched wines from regional vineyards. The sophisticated atmosphere is perfect for business meals, events or a delightful family meal.

Rive Bistro-Restaurant
Rive: Hamburg's top fish restaurant and a cruise atmosphere

Regional and international dishes of fresh fish and seafood form the basis of his menu. The cruise atmosphere comes free with the restaurant's panoramic setting beside the Elbe, immediately behind the anchored cruise ships, and in summer can be enjoyed from the large outdoor terrace.

Die Bank Brasserie, Bar & Restaurant
Die Bank Brasserie & Bar

Fine dining is the new money: the former Hamburg Hypothekenbank banking hall still buzzes, but not about the gold price and the bank rate. Nowadays, diners flock here to savour gastronomic gems and enjoy the period ambience that blends elegance with authenticity. Thomas Fischer enthrals his guests with a masterful mix of traditional and modern cooking, with the focus firmly on the ingredients.

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