Halle – City center
Halle – City center ©DZT (Andreas Kaster)


Jews lived in Halle from 1184 until 1349, and from 1692 to 1942. Today’s Jewish community – revived in the wake of Germany’s reunification – is made up almost entirely of Jews from the former Soviet Union. A memorial to the Halle Synagogue destroyed on Kristallnacht stands in Jerusalem Platz. Today’s Halle Synagogue is the former chapel of the Jewish Cemetery.


  • Halle Synagogue and old Cemetery
    Humboldstrasse 52
    06114 Halle

    Jewish Community of Halle
    Grosse Märker Strasse 13
    06108 Halle

    New Jewish Cemetery
    Dessauer Str. 24
    06118 Halle
  • www.halle.de

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