Erfurt – Merchants’ bridge
Erfurt – Merchants’ bridge ©DZT (T. Babovic)


There is much Jewish history in this medieval eastern German city. The remains of the 11th-century Old Synagogue and Mikve were discovered in 1997 at one end of the Krämerbrücke. In 1998, a hoard of coins now known as the “Erfurt Treasure” was uncovered. The treasure is on permanent display in the Old Synagogue. The historic Little Synagogue re-opened to the public in 1998. At Erfurt’s New Synagogue & Jewish Community Center weekly services are held and kosher meals are available.


  • Erfurt Synagogue & Jewish Community Center
    Juri-Gagarin-Ring 16
    99084 Erfurt
  • The old Synagogue
    Waagegasse 8
    99084 Erfurt

    The small Synagogue, Association of the old & small Synagogue Erfurt e.V.
    An der Stadtmünze 4-5
    99084 Erfurt

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