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When Cats burst onto the scene as the first musical in Germany, nobody could have predicted how successful the genre would be. Today, more than 25 years later, Germany is the third-biggest market for musicals after the USA and the UK. Musicals and shows such as DISNEY'S THE LION KING, MAMMA MIA and Starlight Express are filling concert halls and theatres not just in Hamburg – Germany's capital of musicals – but throughout the country.

CHICAGO is the hottest musical ever to grace the stages of Broadway. The show is a passionate story of love and lies, glory and vanity, deception and betrayal, seduction and corruption, topped off with a hot jazz score and exceptional dance sequences that evoke the joie de vivre of the 1920s.

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History's greatest love story continues. Using striking imagery, the musical LOVE NEVER DIES finally picks up from where the legendary masterpiece THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA left off to tell the continuing story of the Phantom's eternal love for Christine.

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ALADDIN, the timeless story of Aladdin, the Genie and three magic wishes, transcends generations and borders as it follows Aladdin, the Genie of the Lamp and Princess Jasmine on a series of wondrous adventures through the fascinating world of the Arabian Nights.

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The world première of THE MIRACLE OF BERN will also be the first show to play in Hamburg's newly built Stage Theater an der Elbe. A boat shuttle takes visitors across the Elbe from the St Pauli Piers to the theatre, unveiling a panoramic view of the Port of Hamburg and the city skyline along the way.

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The original musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber is celebrating its 25th anniversary in Germany. With more than 130 million visitors worldwide and over 50 international awards, the world's most successful musical is showing at the Stage Metronom Theatre in Oberhausen. The imposing set pieces, splendidly detailed costumes and Andrew Lloyd Webber's world-famous songs mean that this masterpiece is an experience like no other.

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Three potential fathers ... Two unforgettable days ... One fantastic musical! MAMMA MIA! by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus weaves ABBA's greatest hits into a feel-good, whirlwind love story: a story about having the courage to realise your dreams, a tale of love, friendship and family, and a lesson in how knowing your past can bring you happiness in the future.

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For years, the bald BLUE MEN have been entertaining audiences in cities such as New York, Tokyo, Las Vegas and Berlin. And now, in the Stage BLUEMAX Theatre, the BLUE MAN GROUP is performing a crazy live show that is speechless and will leave you speechless. So it's a fabulous experience even if you don't understand a word of German.

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