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Germany for young people – creative, diverse and lots of fun

Whether you're travelling with friends, your schoolmates or a sports club, Germany has a host of cool cities and captivating landscapes for you to discover. Shopping, the arts, nightlife and active pursuits – Germany has it all!

Young people will find that travelling to Germany is simple, safe and affordable, and there are lots of special offers. Getting around is quick and easy thanks to the excellent roads and the superb infrastructure for coach and train travel.

The choice of accommodation is also geared to the needs of young people. Germany's many youth hostels, for example, do more than just provide a bed, they also offer entertainment, activity and outdoor pursuits. A&O hostels, meanwhile, provide budget accommodation in city-centre locations. If you prefer to get closer to nature, simply bring your tent and pitch up at one of our many first-class campsites. Tips for organised youth trips are available from the German Federal Forum for Children and Youth Travel. It only lists tour operators that meet its strict quality criteria. This means that you get to have fun while your parents can sleep easy at night.

Once the accommodation is sorted, the fun can really begin. Germany's buzzing big cities are just waiting to be discovered. Go to Düsseldorf for fashion, Berlin for the music, Hamburg for art, and Munich for a great night out. The Creative Germany project captures all the latest ideas and innovations in the categories of design, fashion, architecture and art. Typical of today's Germany is the up-and-coming music scene. It covers the full spectrum of genres from rock, pop and dance to hip-hop and classical. Highlights in the festival calendar include the ever-popular Rock am Ring and Nature One – Germany's biggest festival of electronic music. Those with energy to burn can try out the latest trend sports on land, on water and in the air. For adrenaline rushes and scintillating shows visit Germany's theme parks.

Making yourself understood is not an issue either. English is widely spoken throughout Germany and many sights and attractions are offered in foreign languages. But if you are interested in learning German, you'll find internationally renowned language schools in almost every city. Alternatively, a number of universities run annual summer schools lasting several weeks. Not only do these teach you the language, they also introduce you to the German way of life.

For a more intensive learning experience, why not stay for a whole year? Working as a live-in au pair is a perfect opportunity for this. If you like children and you want to perfect your German, find out more here.

Discover Destination Germany with our interactive map

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