• Jewish Cemetery, Frankfurt
    Jewish Cemetery, Frankfurt ©Jüdisches Museum Frankfurt am Main
  • Old Synagogue, Erfurt
    Old Synagogue, Erfurt ©Stadtverwaltung Erfurt
  • Jewish Centre, Munich
    Jewish Centre, Munich ©Israelitische Kultusgemeinde München und Oberbayern
  • Anne Frank, Frankfurt
    Anne Frank, Frankfurt ©JBS Anne Frank
  • Heiliger Sand cemetery, Worms
    Heiliger Sand cemetery, Worms ©Stadtarchiv Worms
  • Jewish Baths, Speyer
    Jewish Baths, Speyer ©Stadtverwaltung Speyer

Judaism is one of the main world religions

The history of Judaism is a story of suffering, intolerance and persecution. However, not all traces of Jewish culture from down the centuries were erased or destroyed during the Third Reich.
Anne Frank, Frankfurt
Focusing on the diary of Anne Frank

Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt in 1929 and lived with her family in the suburb of Dornbusch until they emigrated to the Netherlands. The centre features an interactive exhibition entitled 'Anne Frank. A girl from Germany'. It also hosts project days, seminars and training courses on topics such as anti-Semitism and moral courage. Guided tours for groups available on request.

Old Synagogue, Erfurt
The Old Synagogue in Erfurt – a history book in stone

The Old Synagogue in the old quarter contains a museum, an approximately 750-year-old mikveh (Jewish bath) and the Erfurt Treasure. Dating back to the 11th century, it is one of the oldest Jewish places of worship in central Europe. Other reminders of Jewish life in Erfurt are the New and Small Synagogues and the old and new Jewish cemetery. A lift provides barrier-free access to all exhibition spaces.

Berlin's Rykestrasse Synagogue – the symbol of a miracle

This liberal-conservative synagogue in the Prenzlauer Berg district of Berlin was built in a neo-Romanesque and oriental style and features large stained glass windows and magnificent ornate decorations. It is the largest of its kind in Germany, with seating for around 1,200 people. Its services are open to all. Besides providing a place of worship, it also hosts arts events.

Jewish Centre, Munich
Focal point of Jewish life, religion, culture, traditions and the future: Munich Jewish Centre

The Jewish Centre for the Israelite Religious Community of Munich and Upper Bavaria is an attractive architectural ensemble comprising the Ohel Jakob Main Synagogue, the Jewish Museum and a community centre, together with an underground 'corridor of remembrance'. Situated in the heart of the city, it is a place of meetings and shared experiences as well as a venue for events.

Jewish Cemetery, Frankfurt
The history of Frankfurt's Jewish ghetto: Judengasse

Judengasse in Frankfurt was the city's Jewish ghetto between 1462 and 1796. The Jewish Museum Frankfurt and its Judengasse Museum branch document the history and religious culture of Jewish communities in Frankfurt from the 12th to the 20th centuries. In the neighbouring Jewish cemetery, 11,134 small 'name stones' have been set into the cemetery wall to commemorate the Jewish citizens of Frankfurt who were murdered in the Holocaust.

Jewish Baths, Speyer
The spiritual atmosphere of Speyer's Jewish ritual bath

The 12th-century Jewish ritual bath (mikveh) near the cathedral is one of the oldest and best preserved of its kind. A barrel-vaulted staircase leads through an anteroom 10 metres down into the bathing shaft with its cross-vaulted ceiling where, according to Mosaic law, the required ritual cleansing is achieved through submersion in cold, 'natural' water. Guided tours available on request.

Heiliger Sand cemetery, Worms
Heiliger Sand cemetery in Worms: testimony to Jewish history

Built according to religious rules, this cemetery contains approximately 2,000 graves and is considered to be the oldest surviving Jewish cemetery in Europe. But the importance of the cemetery lies not only in its age, but also in the numerous prominent Jewish scholars who are buried there. The Rashi House, a memorial to the scholar and famous commentator on the Talmud, Salomon ben Isaak (1040-1105), is home to the Judaica Museum. Special exhibitions.

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