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Aschaffenburg, Herstallstrasse

Aschaffenburg: Welcome to the Shopping City of the Year

Where ATMOSPHERE is written in capitals, and your shopping expedition becomes an adventure: shopping opportunities abound in the attractive pedestrian area with more than 350 retail stores extending over a large part of the city center. Together with the City-Galerie this city boasts an ideal shopping layout. Not for nothing was Aschaffenburg named Shopping City of the Year 2013 by the German Marketing and Market Research Association (GMA)!


The Johannisburg Castle towers above the town of Aschaffenburg and its Christmas market that takes place on the castle square.

Festive lights lead the way to a Franconian nativity scene that includes life-sized wooden figures, Christmas pyramids that are one meter tall, and a three-meter tall nutcracker. Stroll through the market and enjoy stands with Christmas decorations, mangers, hand blown glass, and so much more. To top things off, there are other advent offerings such as an annual senior gala.

Children look forward to the carousel, the giant steam Ferris wheel, and the train. On Saturdays during the Advent weeks, the city offers another wonderful service to Christmas market goers: You can store your Christmas purchases inexpensively at the city hall adjacent to the market.


30.11.2017 - 22.12.2017


Diverse Veranstaltungsstätten / Orientierung:
Schlossplatz 1
63739 Aschaffenburg
Fon: 06021/395800
Fax: 06021/395802