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Forum Duisburg

Duisburger Shopping Center – inner city, central and independent of the weather

With its varied and award-winning ecological architecture, the 56,000 m² forum in Duisburg is considered to be one of the most beautiful shopping centers in the country. The CityPalais is located directly opposite. International gastronomic offers, the Mercatorhalle and the Duisburg Casino (Spielbank Duisburg) shape the appearance of this small but beautiful mall. In the Königsgalerie – with a retail area of 16,500 m² – around 50 shops turn your shopping trip into a real experience with their high quality commercial and gastronomic concept.


Inoperative coal mines, coking plants and steel mills – these contemporary witnesses of the mining industry present themselves all across the Ruhr Area as they developed into fascinating temples of culture.

A stage at a water purification works, a production at a gasometer or a performance at a colliery: the creative use of industrial monuments in the Ruhr – including those found on the Route of Industrial Heritage – has transformed the region from an area of industry into a centre for culture.

The annual “Night of Industrial Culture” of the Ruhr Metropolis composes 48 venues and 500 events in only one night again. Winding towers, gasometer and wage halls turn into stages for streetart, poetry slam, music and theatre performances, light and pyro shows.

Allow yourself to be captivated by the unique atmosphere of this night and be sure to go on an exciting expedition through the Ruhr Metropolis!




Centroallee 285
46047 Oberhausen


Fon: +49 1806 - 18 16 20