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An exciting shopping experience in the UNESCO world heritage site Lübeck

Lübeck lives off the charm of its unique Old Town. Here you can enjoy coffee and marzipan cakes directly next to one of the five great gothic churches or in one of over 80 passageways and courtyards. Especially worth a visit are the Hüxstraße and Fleischhauerstraße. With their old buildings and the offer of small individual shops they are now amongst some of the most attractive shopping districts full of exclusive boutiques, gallerias and book stores as well as restaurants and cafés with magical gardens.

1987 was the year when our seven spires and many more buildings and even streets - in short Lübeck's Old Town - gained the seal of approval UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. This title turns exactly 30 years in 2017. Lübeck has every reason to be proud of this award. Many cities and institutions have been trying to achieve this acknowledgement for decades. For us that's reason enough to celebrate with you!
Of course, there will be numerous events and activities around the topic UNESCO Heritage Site of Lübeck, on June 5th 2017 we will celebrate the UNESCO World Heritage Day in the Music and Congress Center and invite other German World Heritage Sites to Lübeck.


01.01.2017 - 31.12.2017


Hansestadt Lübeck
Holstentorplatz 1
23552 Lübeck

During the Reformation, which ideas were carried from Wittenberg to Lübeck by Lübeck's merchants, the inner of  Lübeck's Old Town churches drastically changed: After 1530 the pictures and figures have been removed from the walls of the church naves and the walls were painted white. Nothing should distract the devouted Christians from the worship.
Go on a round tour through Lübeck's Old Town and have a look at the Church of Seafarers and Pilgrims - St. Jacob's. The church has one of the most significant interiours of Germany's churches.


16.01.2017 - 31.12.2017


St. Jakobikirche
Jakobikirchhof 3
23552 Lübeck


St. Jakobi Kirche Lübeck

Open air markets at the main market square, Breite Straße, Koberg and Sandstraße
A relaxed walk through Lübeck's Christmas Market is one of the Highlights in the pre-Christmas time. Thousands of fairy lights and the festive decoration in the streets and shop Windows ensure a unique and impressive atmosphere, which delights visitors from near and far.


27.11.2017 - 30.12.2017


Lübecker Innenstadt
23552 Lübeck