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Prinzipalmarkt - shopping in a historical setting

Munster Arkaden – coffee break with Picasso

The trademark of the Munster Arkaden is its elegant, light-filled architecture. It combines modern design with the art museum (Kunstmuseum) Pablo Picasso MünsterBehind the facade of a noble Westphalian palace. Under the glass dome of the Munster Arkaden, you can find more than 20 shops on three levels, together with a variety of restaurants, all in the immediate vicinity of Germany’s first and only Picasso museum. What is particularly pleasant: enjoying a coffee break on the covered square in front of the museum.

For three days in early September, Münster becomes a well-mixed cocktail made up of art, culture and “dolce far niente”. Illuminations, staged spaces, exhibitions, lounges, live music and the city’s many and varied food offerings provide visitors with an intoxicating mix for all the senses.
The culmination of the “Schauraum“ culture festival is the “Night of Museums and Galleries”, when Münster’s cultural institutions, art galleries and museums are open to visitors free of charge right until midnight – special exhibitions, guided tours and bus tours to cultural hotspots included.


30.08.2018 - 01.09.2018


Klemensstraße 10
48143 Münster