View of Lichtenberg Castle
View of Lichtenberg Castle ©Tourismusbüro Pfälzer Bergland (Julia Bingeser)

Veldenz Trail – following the tracks of the Veldenzer in the Palatinate hill country

Starting at Lichtenberg Castle, the ancestral seat of the Veldenzer near Thallichtenberg, the trail leads up to Veldenz Residence town of Lauterecken and has a natural silence that is rarely experience nowadays.

At the start point it is well worth taking time for Lichtenberg Castle, in the Palatinate town of Thallichtenberg: The castle is one of the largest castle ruins in Germany and accommodates three museums, a youth hostel and a restaurant. The former County of Veldenzer is characterised by a varied, patchwork landscape, which continuously offers new vistas. It is worthwhile taking time to fully enjoy the hiking.

The Veldenzer Trail runs for long stretches over paths through very varied landscapes. But they all have one thing in common - here you will find a real inner tranquillity, with only long stretches of natural silence as a pleasant travelling companion. In the Mittagsfels nature reserve alpine paths lead gracefully to upper heights, where in spring the common Pasque flower blooms. The views across the Glan valley and to the Prussian mountains stretch unimaginably into the distance. Through forests, flood plains, open grasslands and the picturesque villages the Palatinate hills display their full beauty along the Veldenz Trail. Just like Lichtenberg, the moated castle in Reipoltskirchen, with its sculpture trail, and the Veldenz Palace in Lauterecken, you may also meet wandering musicians on the way, which bring the history and culture of the Palatine hill country back to life.

Tip: The moated castle

The 12th century moated castle in Reipoltskirchen and the sculpture trail are located directly on Veldenz Trail. From the tower of the castle, which has free access, there is a magnificent view over the Odenbachtal valley and to the "Kunst im Grünen" (Art in Nature) landscape art below. There is also opportunity to stop off at the Restaurant zur Wasserburg.

At a glance:

Start and destination: Lichtenberg Castle (Thallichtenberg) – Veldenz Palace Lauterecken
Distance: 60 km
Number of stages: 5
Height: Ascent approx. 2,600 m, descent approx. 2,800 m
Trail surface: 46% unmade, 17% asphalt, 37% other, e.g. gravel



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