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心臓と血管の疾患は、増加の傾向にあります。 この分野においてドイツの病院は、世界最新&最先端の専門センターに数えられています。 治療法は、過去数年間に大きく変化しました。 低侵襲性医療技術が広く用いられるようになって、手術が飛躍的に簡易化され、手術後の入院期間も短縮されています。

The Vivantes Hospital for Internal Medicine-Cardiology and Conservative Intensive Care specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease and lung disease. Furthermore, patients suffering from a range of internal conditions can be monitored, diagnosed and treated at its conservative intensive care unit. Every year, the department treats more than 5,500 patients in its medical wards and around 1,600 patients in its intensive care unit.

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Cases of cardiovascular disease are on the increase worldwide. There has been a sea change in treatment methods over the last few years. At the German Heart Centre Munich, the disciplines of cardiology and cardiovascular surgery have been organised in an interdisciplinary structure to enable even complicated forms of cardiovascular disease to be treated.

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