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形成外科は、事故や腫瘍等によって損なわれた、機能性や美学的形状を再現する分野です。 身体の部位を再建したり、神経や腱を再生したり、一般的な運動能力を回復させて、生活環境を事故/手術以前に戻すことは、患者の方々にとってアイデンティティや生活クオリティを取り戻すことを意味します。 このためドイツの病院では、非常にレベルの高い、特別な手術法を採用しています。

The Department of Plastic Surgery, Hand and Burns Surgery at Aachen University Hospital is one of the most highly regarded in Germany. It offers the full spectrum of plastic surgery, which encompasses reconstructive and aesthetic operations, hand surgery and treatment for burn victims.

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For Dr Roberto Spierer precision is everything – and it has to be. He does, after all, perform operations as a plastic surgeon and hand surgeon, often working with a microscope. In the following interview he talks about how he restores damaged nerves and how plastic surgery can help victims of accidents to achieve a better quality of life. In the Department for Hand, Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery at the Vivantes Auguste-Viktoria Hospital, operations are performed both on German and international patients.

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