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過去数年間の放射線学者と医療技術者の緊密な協力の結果、放射線診断学とIVR (放射線診断技術の治療的応用) において、画像のクオリティに飛躍的な進歩がもたらされ、無侵襲・低侵襲治療がより大きな可能性を持つに至りました。 放射線治療学の分野では、腫瘍細胞を破壊する際に、周囲の細胞をできるだけ痛めないように、ドイツの病院では極めて正確な照射装置を用いています。 これらの装置は、照射時の患者のほんのわずかな動きにも、ミリメートル未満の精度で同調します。 加えてドイツには、臨床運営されている、ヨーロッパ初にして現在まで唯一の陽子線治療センターがあります。

The Institute for Radiology and Interventional Therapy offers a wide range of diagnostics and therapies meeting the highest quality standards. Headed up by Senior Consultant Professor Joachim Wagner, it is part of the Vivantes Hospital in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. A combination of the latest medical technology and extensive medical experience is particularly important in a radiology department – Professor Wagner and his team have this technology, possess a wealth of experience and have achieved an outstanding level of success.

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The MediClin Robert Janker Clinic in Bonn, a specialist centre for the treatment of tumour-related diseases, has been a leading provider of radiotherapy and radio-oncology to patients from across Germany for 75 years.

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Irradiating tumours using proton beams is a highly advanced form of cancer treatment that offers greater control and minimal damage to surrounding tissue. The Rinecker Proton Therapy Centre (RPTC) was opened in Munich three years ago and is the first and currently the only proton radiation centre in Europe to offer a complete hospital setting. Since it opened, the clinic has treated more than 1,300 patients from over 40 countries. The fact that 75 different types of tumour have already been treated proves the broad range of applications of modern proton therapy.

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The Department of Radiation Oncology at Heidelberg University Hospital is a state-of-the-art centre for radiation oncology and cancer research. It treats patients with malignant and benign tumours and various functional disorders.

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