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ドイツの病院は、腫瘍摘出手術から再建手術までを含む、現代的な泌尿器学および小児泌尿器学の全範囲をカバーしています。 その際、以前同様の成功率と合併症発生率を維持しながら、痕跡をできるだけ小さく、外傷をわずかなものにする傾向が、ますます強くなっています。 低侵襲医療技術 (内視鏡手術) は、泌尿器科においても確固たる地歩を占め、可能なかぎり第一選択肢になっています。 とりわけ小児泌尿器科では、小さな患者が普通で幸せな生活を送れるように、先天的な疾患に対して外科治療を施しています。

In cases of prostate cancer, the use of active surveillance (or ’watchful waiting’) can delay or prevent entirely the need for a radical operation that – despite improved surgical techniques – can cause incontinence and impotence. It should not be underestimated, however, how stressful it can be knowing you have cancer but not actively doing anything about it.

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Ulm University Hospital is both an innovator and a partner in the healthcare field, offering specialist departments, institutes, central services, numerous interdisciplinary centres and a total of around 1,130 beds. As a university hospital, it provides patients with top-level, cross-departmental medical care that brings treatment and research together.

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At Hamburg-Eppendorf University Medical Centre (UKE), Professor Margit Fisch heads up the Department and Clinic of Urology, which offers modern, patient-oriented medical care tailored to individual needs.

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The Urology Department at Mainz University Medical Centre is highly experienced in performing operations using the daVinci® robotic surgical system. Professor Thüroff and his team have been using the system on a routine basis since 2007. Professor Thüroff is highly regarded around the world as a specialist surgeon for treating cancers of the kidneys, bladder and prostate.

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