• Nimbschen Abbey Hotel
    Nimbschen Abbey Hotel ©Hotel Kloster Nimbschen
  • Irsee Monastery Hotel
    Irsee Monastery Hotel ©Klosterhotel Irsee
  • Pilgrims' shelter, Tempzin Monastery
    Pilgrims' shelter, Tempzin Monastery ©Pilgerherberge Kloster Tempzin
  • Wöltingerode Abbey Hotel
    Wöltingerode Abbey Hotel ©Klosterhotel Woeltingerode
  • Erfurt Augustinian Monastery
    Erfurt Augustinian Monastery ©Ev. Augustinerkloster zu Erfurt
  • Seeon Abbey
    Seeon Abbey ©Kloster Seeon
  • Hegne Abbey
    Hegne Abbey ©VCH-Hotel "Haus St. Elisabeth"
  • Hornbach Abbey Hotel
    Hornbach Abbey Hotel ©Klosterhotel Hornbach
  • Santa Isabel Abbey Hotel
    Santa Isabel Abbey Hotel ©Europa-Park Freizeit- und Familienpark Mack KG


第一の戒律:宿泊客は楽しむべきである! 以前は祈りと勤労の場でしたが、今日は修道院の雰囲気の中で快適に寛ぐことができます。 かつての修道士たちが住む僧房は殺風景なものでしたが、今日の宿泊客には瞬く間に安らぎが訪れます。
Pilgrims' shelter, Tempzin Monastery
A historical place of pilgrimage and Germany's first pilgrims' shelter: Tempzin/Zahrensdorf

Part of the once powerful St. Anthony Preceptory founded in 1222 in Mecklenburg's Sternberg Lakes region, Tempzin Monastery comprises a church, Gothic warming house and tenant house. It is a stopping point on the St. Bridget's Trail and today serves as a resting place, meeting centre and shelter for pilgrims. This spiritual site's tradition of healing and pilgrimage can be traced back to the 13th century.

Wöltingerode Abbey Hotel
If walls could talk: Woeltingerode/Vienenburg

This abbey with its famous distillery nestles at the foot of the Harz mountains. The abbey hotel might not offer five-star luxury but the days of austere nuns' cells are long past. An authentic ambience with an unbeatable combination of tradition and modernity can be experienced here. Accommodation is in converted nuns' cells but these are now well-appointed, offer a good night's sleep and benefit from the abbey's facilities.

Santa Isabel Abbey Hotel
Santa Isabel Abbey Hotel – not like all the rest: Europa-Park

Magical moments at Europa-Park ! The themed, 4-star superior Santa Isabel hotel is built in the style of a Portuguese abbey. Here men and women can live like monks and nuns – only in luxury. Even guests not fortunate enough to sleep in the luxurious Queen Santa Isabel suite will be thrilled with their rooms, all of which are furnished in authentic style with just a hint of abbey austerity.

Hornbach Abbey Hotel
Hornbach Abbey Hotel – historical charisma and a contemplative atmosphere

Situated near Zweibrücken on the border with France, Hornbach is a former Benedictine monastery founded by the missionary bishop Pirmin in 740 with a unique atmosphere. A perfect blend of historical charm and modern style, this 4-star superior hotel with a romantic air is elegant, authentic and welcoming. The abbey site was originally chosen for its intensive energy, enhancing the hotel's positive atmosphere and the well-being of guests.

Hegne Abbey
An oasis of well-being with views of the lake and direct access to the abbey offering a welcome to all confessions and faiths: Allensbach

Dedicated to the Sisters of the Holy Cross, Hegne Abbey is situated near Constance and overlooks the lake. The modern hotel and conference centre with its own lakeside grounds offers a wide-ranging training programme and is an ideal place for reflection and contemplation. This oasis of well-being combines the character of a traditional abbey guesthouse with the comfort and hospitality of a 3-star superior hotel.

Erfurt Augustinian Monastery
A forum and conference venue influenced by Martin Luther: Erfurt Augustinian Monastery

The right place for people looking for somewhere unique. This Gothic monastery complex in Erfurt is an impressive example of medieval monastic architecture built in accordance with the rules of the mendicant order of the Augustinian Hermits. Today it is an international forum and conference venue with accommodation in monastery-style rooms. Pilgrims can also stay in the separate retreat.

Seeon Abbey
Get away from it all at Seeon Abbey on the island of peace and hospitality

Seeon Abbey is a former Benedictine abbey idyllically located on a peninsula on Klostersee lake in the picturesque Chiemgau region. The building has an eventful history but today is home to a modern, well-appointed hotel and an arts & education centre for professional conferences, seminars, workshops and selected courses such as calligraphy and medieval book writing & design.

Nimbschen Abbey Hotel
Hotel Kloster Nimbschen – a historic building with a Luther connection

Hotel Kloster Nimbschen is a country estate dating from 1810 next to the ruins of the Cistercian abbey of Marienthal at Nimbschen where the famous Katharina von Bora lived as a nun. It offers its guests fine food, sporting activities, culture and a touch of luxury. This conference and events hotel at a historical site provides attractive and stylish accommodation in an exceptional setting.


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