The Ammer Gorge at the 'Scheibum' rupture
The Ammer Gorge at the 'Scheibum' rupture ©Ammergauer Alpen GmbH

Finding inner peace with every step: the Ammergau Alps Meditation Trail

The scenery of Upper Bavaria is divinely beautiful and the 85km Meditation Trail, right at the foot of the mystical Ammergau Alps, offers a wonderful opportunity for walking meditation, spiritual contemplation and pilgrimage. It runs from the Wieskirche Church to Linderhof Palace with many cultural treasures along the way.

The trail was officially inaugurated in 2009 at a historical site: St. Gertrude's Chapel at Dickelschwaig Lodge near Graswang, which was built by the monks of Ettal Abbey in 1694. Marked with the symbol of the burning heart, the trail runs along the foot of the Ammergau Alps from the UNESCO World Heritage Wieskirche church in Steingaden to Linderhof Palace in the Graswang valley near Ettal. Open to people of every religion, the trail offers an opportunity for self-reflection at places of spiritual strength. There are also around 15 different stopping points that provide an impetus for inner contemplation, including the beautiful valley of the Ammer river, the Schleierfälle (Veil Falls), the 1,263-metre-high Mount Hörnle, Rottenbuch Abbey, Soier See lake, the passion play town of Oberammergau, the dramatic landscape of the Weidmoos conservation area between Ettal and Graswang and Ettal Abbey. Meditative walking is often called 'praying with your feet' – but it doesn't always have to be religious. You can also take time for inner reflection in the rhythm of your steps. On the Meditation Trail with its many churches, secluded chapels, abbeys, sculptures and places where the power of nature is palpable, you can find your way to inner peace with every step you take. Meditative walking, time for reflection, the beauty and magic of the moment away from the hectic pace of modern life are all good places to start. A guided meditative walk on the Meditation Trail can be an especially intensive experience.



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