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Typical German

Discover in every city and every region local artisan craft work and specialities that make Germany unique. Take a bit of Germany home with you after your holiday. Here you can find the most attractive souvenirs for lasting enjoyment of your holiday.
Heidelberg Kiss Cakes – a gesture of admiration
Coloured Glassworks in Lauscha
The “Typical Harz” regional brand from the Harz“
Nussknacker & Co. – Folk art from the Erz Mountains
Wine from the Rhineland-Palatinate
Typical of North Rhine-Westphalia: The Pumpernickel
Typically Lower Saxon – a wide culinary range
Karl’s: Rural theme park, farmers’ market and courtyard kitchen
Hessens Äppler – the typical local drink in traditional clay jugs
Regional delicatessen and local delicacies from Hamburg
The Bremer Klaben
The Spree Forest gherkins from Brandenburg: Get One!
Berlin Design: Creative and original
Enjoy shopping: Discover Bavarian originals


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